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Updated: May 23, 2019


If you have been following me or at least keeping up with my blogs, you will remember my blog “Heat vs. Hype”. If not, the blog is still available for you to check out. In that blog I defined what “Heat” is.  For the sake of this blog I will define it again:

Heat – A shoe that tends to be an extremely popular shoe in the Sneakerhead community and highly sought after. Most are rare and/or very expensive adding to the reputation of the shoe.

Now that we have an understanding of what “Heat” is considered to be, the question posed to me that I present to you is: What is Heat? I don’t mean by definition, I mean what shoes are considered to be “Heat”? How can “Heat” be determined? As a matter of fact…..Who came up with the term “Heat” and what shoes were being referred to when the term was created?


In every sense of the word “Heat” is a matter of preference and it’s all opinion based. You have Sneakerheads who wear nothing but Jordans and consider anything outside of the Jordan brand not to be “Heat”. You have Sneakerheads who wear nothing but SB Nikes (Skateboarding line of Nikes) and consider anything outside of that brand not to be “Heat”. So where is the line? Are there specific shoes that are respected by all Sneakerheads and considered to be “Heat” regardless of who you are?

I would say YES! Now remember the definition says ” extremely popular in the Sneakerhead community and highly sought after. Most are rare and/or very expensive ” so does that mean if the shoe is not expensive then it is not heat? No, not at all. Most prices on shoes are high because of resellers (Resellers is also a blog available if you are unaware of the term). Even the Kanye West “Yeezy” Nikes that are selling for thousands of dollars only retailed for $225.


I believe there are particular styles, brands and colorways of shoes that are recognized as heat throughout the Sneakerhead community. I say this because all true Sneakerheads have a love of shoes, regardless of whether they might wear a particular shoe or not they respect the shoe. For example: I think the Nike Kobe 9s are a well made shoe and are Kobe “Heat”, but I wouldn’t wear them. Personally I think they’re too high, but “Heat” nonetheless.

If there are shoes respected in the Sneakerhead community what are they? Now remember these are my thoughts and opinions. Feel free to comment and give your thoughts and opinions (in a respectful manner). I think all OG releases of Jordans  1 – 23 are considered “Heat”. Why? Because they are hard to obtain in this day and age. They were the original & first installment in the generation of Jordans. I also feel like all early releases of Foamposites are rare “Heat”. The colorways are classic and have never been re-released or retroed as my fellow Sneakerheads would say.

Nike Air Foamposite Collection

Now like I stated above, these are my opinions. So don’t get upset or offended with me for having my own thoughts and opinions of “Heat”. I told you it is a matter of preference, I myself have always had a love of Jordans. I watched him play growing up and he was the pinnacle of greatness in my time as far as basketball. I welcome all responses, questions and comments. I want to hear your thoughts on the blog “Heat” and your preference.

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