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Updated: May 23, 2019

Whats going on with my Sneakerhead family? How have you been? What have you added to the collection recently? I most recently picked up the Nike air force 1 from the “Have a NIKE day” pack. The whole collection was actually really nice; consisting of Air force 1, Air max 270, Air max 95, Air max 97 and of course the Air max 1. Why soo many Air maxes in the pack? Because it is the first official release for “AIR MAX” month!!!

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Now, what the hell is AIR MAX month you ask? Well allow me to answer that question in-depth. But before I start, quick shout out to M. Frank Rudy who created and patented the Nike Air technology we all know and love. Back to the topic at hand, the AIR MAX….The Air Max 1 was originally designed in 1987 by Tinker Hatfield and released on March 26th (AIR MAX Day). Now with that nugget of info you would think “so Nike has been celebrating AIR MAX month forever”. In actuality, 2019 will make for ONLY the 5th year that the AIR MAX is being celebrated. It started back in 2014 as a marketing ploy by Nike to build hype around not only old Air Maxes, but to draw attention to new AIR MAX releases. I’m not knocking it and I’m not mad at it, but I have to call it how I see it. I could be wrong, feel free to comment or message me.  If you have a better explanation I’d love to hear it. It started off as AIR MAX DAY being celebrated on 3/26….then you had Sneakerheads and enthusiasts alike flexing AIR MAX kicks ALL month to show their love and appreciation. We all know how fast things get hyped and blown up; next thing you know (with a little push from Nike) we had a full-blown month dedicated to the AIR MAX. It’s actually very ingenious by Nike to capitalize on the wave. So in short, AIR MAX month is a month of appreciation for Nike’s collection of runners that all possess the AIR MAX technology.

So here we are in our 5th year of celebrating one of the oldest and most beloved kicks in the shoe community the “AIR MAX”. If you noticed I haven’t been too specific because there are soooo many air maxes it would take all day to acknowledge and show you all of them. Instead we’re going to acknowledge all of the AIR MAX releases happening this month and even mention a few AIR MAX events happening this month.

3/1: Have A NIKE Day Pack

Related image

3/1: Air Max 97 DALLAS

Nike Air Max 97 Dallas CD7788-001 Release Date

3/5: Air Vapormax2.0

Vapormax Plus

3/9: Vapormax 3.0

3/14: Air Max 720

3/15: Air Max 95 (Home & Away)

Nike WMNS Air VaporMax 2.0 “Swarovski”

3/16: Air Max 90 “Mars Landing”

3/21: Air Max 720

Air Max 270

Air Max Plus

Air Max 97 LX

Air Max 95

Vapormax 2019

Air Max DIA

Vapormax Run Utiliy

3/30: Air Max 270

Release page image

Sooo many fresh AIR MAX kicks releasing this month, I’m sure there is something for everybody. There will also be some events in celebration of NIKE AIR DAY depending on where you are geographically located.

On the West Coast:

AIR MAX DAY (3/23) * Berkeley, CA Follow @Premium_SNKRS on IG for details


JUST MAXIN (3/23) * Los Angeles, CA Follow @LA_Airheads/ @BGKicks on IG for details


On the East Coast:

NIKE NIGHT OUT (3/26) * Baltimore, MD Follow @Baltsneakershow on IG for details


Now you know what’s dropping and what’s popping for AIR MAX month. I have plans to pull out something special for AIR MAX month myself. Just not sure if I should pull out for an event or for actual AIR MAX DAY (3/26). Either way, heads will be turning and necks snapping. If you’re curious as to what it will be, well you’ll just have to follow me and stay tuned.

As always cop heavy, keep em fresh and the soles icy. #Salute

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