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Can I Rant??? Part 3: Can I Cop?

What's up with my sneaker collectors and aficionados? Has everyone been copping what they want? I haven't!! For those unfamiliar with my rants, these are my thoughts as they come to me. There is no structure or forethought, I just get on here and let it all out. With that being said, lets talk about these releases as of late.

I FUCKIN HATE EM!!! Not the actual shoes, nor the collaboration, nor the's how they release them. I shouldn't have to jump through hoops, wake up at insane hours, wait hours in virtual lines or consistently refresh or re enter my account information to acquire a shoe that I HAVE THE MONEY FOR!!!!

Remember waiting in line and camping out for kicks? There was a certain joy and anticipation that came with that experience. Nowadays, catching L's is the only experience I'm familiar with. I love shoes with a passion and I purchase kicks to wear, NOT to make a couple extra dollars, which is what is going on. The shoe companies were tired of fights and riots breaking out at stores on release day, so they implemented this new raffle and app technology to limit in store releases and in return limit the riots/fights.

But now, unless you have a back door connect or you're using bots (I talk about bots in depth another time) you can't really catch a break on releases. You might catch a win on SNKRS app, but those seem to be far and few in between. So you have to deal with reseller sites or private resellers to acquire the shoe you wanted at obscene prices or just go without the shoe. Technology was supposed to make things easier right? But for who? The shoe companies, who are only concerned with dollar signs. They don't truly care about bots, kicks being sold back door or you not copping. As long as units move and they do numbers it's a win!!

So where does that leave hardcore shoe enthusiasts who can't cop?? Angry and frustrated for the most part.  Of course someone will read this and say "he's just mad he can't cop any kicks". But little do you know, I've copped: Tokyo Air Max 1, SB Dogwalkers, SB Jordan Defiant collab, Swipa Air Max 1 and Have A Nike Day Air Force to name a few.....Oh I cop!!! I just don't have access to everything I'd like to get my hands on.

It's just frustrating to know a bunch of money hungry individuals are entering into our culture and milking it instead of appreciating and staying true to the culture. Now I know resellers aren't going anywhere and I'm actually not talking about those with solid networks who have been doing this forever. I'm talking about all the "new booties" who are doing the most to sell 2 pair of shoes for a $100 dollar come up. That's actually pretty pathetic when you think about it. All that time, energy and effort invested to move some Nikes and make an extra hundred? That ain't it chief!!! Because of this, you have real connoisseurs paying more or missing out.....Damn!!! Can I cop without being bent over with the price?! Alright, I'm done....just had to get that off my chest lol

As always cop heavy, keep em fresh and the soles icy.

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