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Dad shoes? Really?

Updated: May 23, 2019

What’s good with my Sneakerhead family? How are you doing? Any major pickups lately? What’s your latest L? Don’t be ashamed I’ve taken my share of Ls lately, it happens…. more than it should but it happens.

Soooo…. on the eve of the Mauve Yeezy 700 dropping figured I’d talk about this “Dad shoe” hype that has become a wave out of nowhere. Let me define the term “Dad Shoe” before going any further. A “Dad Shoe” is a bulky, unattractive shoe that isn’t stylish and usually seen on men 50+ you know, the “Dad” types. But when did this hype start? When did it become a wave? WHY did it become a wave?….. well allow me to shed some light.

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The plan is to identify not only the timeline for “Dad Shoes” but also the increase in popularity, so just follow me.

The original “Dad Shoe” is the Nike Monarch, designed by Jason Mayden and released in 2002 (couldn’t locate specific date, my apologies). Bulky, wide and unattractive they retailed at $54.99. At this time there was no wave and you couldn’t pay anyone enough to commit fashion suicide and wear these.

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Fast forward to 09/21/17, Raf Simons a Belgian fashion designer. Collaborated with adidas to release Raf Simons x adidas “Ozweego” with a retail price of $500. This was the re introduction to the “Dad Shoe” in high fashion form. With influencers such as Future and Wale wearing them, known for their fashion sense…. outside of their musical talent of course.

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Even with the warm reception Sneakerheads weren’t on board and the hype died down… until August 12, 2017.

Kanye West now working with adidas, introduced the “Yeezy 700” with retail @ $300. A bulky, multicolored shoe with no identifiable branding or logos. This screamed “Dad Shoe” and initially was met with some skepticism. But the hype caught on, the wave built up and they sold out and then the re stock sold out as well.

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Shortly after on 09/21/17 Balenciaga releases the “Triple S” another bulky high fashion “Dad shoe” for $845. Name comes from the fact it has 3 soles, Triple S. Better received than the Ozweego, the Triple S caught hype.

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Then Kanye and adidas released the Yeezy 500 for pre sale, retailing at $200 on December 2017. Of course the shoe sold out and just like that….. the “Dad Shoe” wave became a thing.

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Now you had every brand wanting to get in on the “Dad Shoe” wave. 02/23/18 Versace releases “Archlight” their version of the “Dad Shoe” retailing at $1090. Think the name comes from the arch and how lightweight the shoe is, I can’t be certain because @ $1090 I do not own a pair.

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Then on 04/26/18 Versace releases a 2 chains inspired shoe called “Reaction” for $995. The bottom of the sole resembles a chain and is extremely bulky. These are a “hit and miss” depending on colorway.

Image result for versace reaction shoes

2 days later, 04/28/18 PUMA releases “Thunder Spectra” their take on the “Dad Shoe” with minimal logos and branding. The retail was set at $120. Which is a lot more reasonably priced.

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Then here comes the OG, Nike introduces an updated Nike Monarch deemed Nike M2K Techno. The shoe released 07/01/18 for $120 and really hit big overseas, not too big stateside though.

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Now here we are, October 2018 and Kanye is dropping a new colorway of the Yeezy 700 in Mauve.

Image result for mauve yeezy 700

Set to retail at $300, pre orders and raffles have started and the hype has reached capacity. If you’re digging the “Dad Shoe” wave there is no shortage of selections from the affordable to high fashion if that’s your poison. But, if you’re plotting on the Yeezy 700 I hope you have entered all the raffles, paid for pre-order and/or you have bots ready for the release (I’ll get into bots next time). Because you definitely have your work cut out attempting to score.

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As always cop heavy, keep em fresh and the soles icy. #Salute

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