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Dallas Sneakercon 2021

What's good with all of my sneaker collectors, aficionados and enthusiasts? I hope all is well with you, your families and your collections are growing the way you like. I am still recovering from my trip to Dallas for Sneakercon, the first BIG sneaker gathering since covid hit. So you know I was excited to get out and vibe with others who have a love for kicks and the culture. The Sneakercon event was a two day sneaker event held over the weekend at the Market Center in Dallas, Texas.

I got to the event at 12pm on the dot, the line outside was extremely long but was moving fast. I soon figured out why, the real line was inside the building. There had to be 150 people easily waiting to get into Sneakercon. After about 45 minutes of waiting and conversing with others in line, I was at the front and ready to cop kicks and make deals.

Upon entry you hear music being played and the rumblings of hundreds, possibly thousands of sneaker collectors and enthusiasts alike chatting throughout the building. Vendors and shoes everywhere, a sneaker lover's equivalent of a "kid in a candy store". Where do I start? Which way should I go? What shoes am I really looking for? Did I bring enough money? All of these questions and more flooded my thoughts, so I just started moving and let my feet guide me. As I start making my way around tables and looking at what vendors have, I started to notice something....EVERYBODY has the same damn shoes on their table.

Now do not get me wrong, there were some tables with exclusive heat and some throwback rare heat as well, but it was far and few in between and I was in disbelief. If you seen a few of the tables, you pretty much seen them all. Every one had general release dunks, Jordan 1s, Yeezys and your usual suspect bricks. The 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s and 7s that all recently dropped but didn't do too well on the secondary market. Which was somewhat discouraging, I was expecting to see all kinds of varieties of heat and rare kicks...but there weren't many to be seen.

Rare SB Heat

Rare Collection

Rare Nike Yeezy & Tinker Signed 3s

I was only disappointed for a second though, because it hit me "since everybody has the same kicks, deals will be in effect". So I put some pep in my step and start heading around to tables scouting for potential kicks.

Me: "Hey boss, how much for those dunks?"

Vendor: $350

Me: "Word?!" (walks away)

He was tripping, it's all good though. There are a lot of vendors here, I am sure to find a deal.

Me: "How much for V-Day Air Force 1? It looks worn"

Vendor: Give me $300

Me: "Nah" (leaves table)

I check on online and those same forces were barely $200 brand new. This went on for about an hour or so until I just gave up hope. I was soo confused, this was Sneakercon, one of the biggest events for sneakers where you could find deals on kicks and leave feeling like you won. I felt like I was in the physical marketplace for Stock x, where everyone is charging sky high prices with no deals no joogs and no bulk buying discounts. But how? Majority of vendors all had the same kicks and high prices, you only had the choice of who to be overcharged by. So you mean to tell me that no one is willing to bargain and come down on prices to move units? I literally watched a vendor pass on a $2000 deal because he wanted the full $2200, then overheard a vendor turn down $330 because he wanted the full $350. My mind was blown, where was the business acumen? Where were the hustlers? What has the sneaker game come to?

After my "ALL IS LOST" moment, I started to pay attention to the vendors and stands that didn't have shoes. That's when I began to enjoy myself again, there were so many creative and talented people that came out to the event. There was all kinds of accessories, knick-knacks, rugs, hats and etc. all related to kicks and a part of the culture.

I talked to and exchanged info with as many as I could. That actually made the event for me, connecting with other passionate individuals operating in their gifts and sharing it with the world. I would love to list everyone but that would take some time. But, I will be posting pics on my Instagram and tagging those who I had the opportunity to interact with. While maneuvering around the event I noticed somewhat of a big crowd towards the back, so of course I went to see what all the commotion was. It was the "Sneakercon Trading Pit", a designated area for those who brought shoes and merch but did not have a vendor table. Basically buying, selling and trading grounds for all in attendance. People brought out whole collections, while others had all types of Bape & Supreme for sale and there were those who had a combination of the two. I seen a few deals being worked in this area, but it was for kicks I already had or never wanted in the first place.

After making a few full laps around and seeing what all the vendors had to offer I decided to leave the event....empty handed smh. Needless to say I was disappointed with how things went. But not with Sneakercon, the music the setup and the atmosphere was dope. It was the actual vendors who dampened the experience for me with mediocre selection of kicks but exclusive kick prices. It was just a sign of where the sneaker culture is headed and what can be expected if things do not shift for the better soon. Because at this rate, I do not really care to attend any upcoming sneaker events if I will be encountering the same results. I might as well just scroll GOAT & Stock x find the kicks I really want and pay that high price instead of hitting events where I should find love and deals, only to be met with high prices and nonexistent business skills.

As always.... cop heavy, keep em clean & the soles icy!! #Salute

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