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Doernbecher Freestyle

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

My goodness!! Release after release after release.....after release!! Can you tell that it is the fourth quarter of the shoe game? These companies are trying to get ALL the dollars in your bank account huh? Tell me about it, I'm about to pick up two jobs and a side hustle to keep up lol. With all seriousness though, things are slightly out of hand with these releases. But it is also my favorite time of the year for releases. Not because of the holidays, but because of a specific drop that takes place around this time every year. The "Doernbecher Freestyle" drop is one of my favorite drops.

Doernbecher Freestyle is named after the OSHU Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon. Built in 1926, Doernbecher Children's Hospital was the first full service children's hospital in the Pacific Northwest. Doernbecher Hospital has a complete range of pediatric care:


Cardiac Surgery



Neonatal Care

All care is family centered, making sure the family is an integral part of the planning and decision making throughout care. Doernbecher hospital was also designed JUST for kids with everything from play rooms to playgrounds. Doernbecher also has a community outreach program, their experts travel the region to provide specialty care at more than 150 outreach clinics in 13 locations so kids can receive care in their own communities.

Pretty dope right? Ok so boom, it started as an idea from Connor Doherty. Connor is the son of Michael Doherty who at the time was the Nike Creative Director AND an OHSU Doernbecher Foundation board member. So Michael Doherty invited one of Nike's shoe designers, Marcus Tayui to tour the hospital to inspire him to design shoes for the hospital. But it was Marcus Tayui's vision to see patients design the shoes with the proceeds benefiting the hospital. The Doernbecher Collection or "DB collection" for short formalized in 2003, but officially released in 2004 starting with SB shoes. Jordan Brand inclusion didn't occur until 2007. Doernbecher doctors and staff select the patient-designers every year, since the development of program there has been over 85 patient-designers and the program has raised over 27 million for the hospital. Each year the collection is revealed via a live auction, which serves to introduce the patient-designers & raise additional funding by selling unique versions of that year's shoes. So without any further ado, I give you this year's patient-designers:

Now can you see why it is one of my favorite drops? There is meaning behind the release and it is for a great cause!! The drop happens Saturday December 7, 2019 @ 8am via SNKRS app.... If you get the opportunity to purchase a pair, you should!!

As always cop heavy, keep em clean and the soles icy.

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Kris Woods
Kris Woods
Dec 06, 2019

Scheming on the forces and the react elements. 🔥🔥🔥

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