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I Keep ‘Em Clean

Updated: May 23, 2019

What’s up with my fellow Sneakerheads? Long time no here from. My apologies for the delay between posts, I’ll do my best to prevent that from happening again. Now, back to talking kicks. What are those collections looking like? Any new heat or grail pick ups? I recently acquired a grail of mines and I have just been overjoyed, especially since I didn’t pay rape prices (shout out to the plug).


My collection has been getting bigger and while I might not wear everything, I have put more shoes into my rotation. Widening my options when getting fresh lol…..but in order for me to get fresh, my shoes must be clean. This is where the headache comes into play for all Sneakerheads. Because keeping kicks clean and icy is no easy matter. The more kicks you wear the more kicks you have to clean. I can’t even put my shoes back into the box until they have been cleaned. That can create issues in my shoe closet.


When I do clean my shoes, I get real surgical. I have a couple of methods depending on the shoe and it’s materials. I’m old school with it, so I keep a toothbrush and cup on deck. Different shoes call for different treatments and cleaners. You can not, I repeat YOU CAN NOT clean all kicks the same way. If you’re a true Sneakerhead your kicks don’t ever really get dirty, so maybe a wipe down or a quick clean will suffice. Maybe you’re not as attentive to your kicks, they get dirty and require a more thorough cleaning. Then there are those rare, unforeseen accidents or situations that causes ugly and undesirable stains to the kicks. That’s when you have to really get serious and break out the supplies.

cleaning supplies

Now before I get into the various products available to clean your kicks, understand I am in no way, shape or form supported or funded by any of them. I am only sharing what’s available, what they claim to do and my personal experiences using those products.

The first product is:

Jason Markk


Jason Markk is a product that was created back in 2007. Jason Markk comes in different sets but all come with a brush; a premium shoe cleaner that is 98.3% natural and completely biodegradable. Jason Markk is safe to use on all materials including leather, suede, nubuck, nylon, canvas, vinyl, rubber, cloth etc. Jason Markk suggests being gentle and taking extra care when cleaning delicate materials. They also suggest that you purchase their soft hog bristles brush for those delicate materials. Jason Markk states that when “applied properly” the product is safe and very effective on suede and/or nubuck.

I have personally used this product on a pair of suede Nike Air Max 90s and it worked well. Removed a bbq stain and I was so appreciative. They were still brand new, less than 3 wears, it hurt my heart. But, thanks to Jason Markk my shoe was saved. I wouldn’t use it to clean a whole shoe though, just for small stains. That’s just my personal opinion, everyone uses it differently….you can to.

Next is:

Shoe M-G-K

shoe mgk

Shoe MGK is a product that was created back in 1992. Shoe MGK has different sized sets but all come with a brush. Shoe MGK Cleaner & Conditioner is one of the more commonly used products from the line. Derived from natural ingredients, Coconut & Jojoba oils, it also includes ultraviolet brighteners. It is water based and degrades naturally to its base components. Shoe MGK can be used on all materials. However, some delicate materials may still run or bleed, so they advise you to test color fastness. Shoe MGK also have  a suede block and brush kit to help with stubborn suede and/or nubuck stains.

Shoe MGK is one of my favorite products. I was first introduced to this product while in Las Vegas. I fell in love right there and have used it on numerous shoes with different materials. I have never had a problem with materials bleeding when using this product. One of the few products I have used to clean an entire shoe.

Next is:



Reshoevn8r is a product that was created back in 2010. I was unable to find out what reshoevn8r is made of and believe me I searched (I do not own any to check labels). Reshoevn8r also has an advanced cleaner where they state it is made with coconut oil, jojoba oil as well as other natural ingredients. I felt that was a little vague, made me a little suspect of the product….only a little bit though. Reshoevn8r is a product that comes with shoe trees, a brush and a special bag that allows you to put your kicks in the washer if you choose. It is not mandatory but it is an added option for a deeper cleaning. Reshoevn8r is safe to use on all materials. They do suggest testing product on inconspicuous area before cleaning entire shoe.

I have used Reshoevn8r to clean some kicks that were old and dirty, I chose to utilize the dryer option. The cleaner worked, but not to the extent that I thought it would. Especially with me using the washer and their “special” bag. The cleaner works cool on shoes without using the washer. Just thought it would have worked wonders, that’s all.


Nonetheless, all products are good. I have used all of them and I don’t have anything negative to say about them. There are a lot more products available for you to clean your kicks, but this blog is long enough lol

Feel free to share your comments, thoughts and any other products you feel work well…….and as always cop heavy, keep em fresh and the soles icy. #Salute

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