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Independence Day

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Whats up with my Sneakerhead fam? How have you been? I hope everyone is enjoying the 4th of July and your day off. I'm sure everyone has their grills going, out at the lake or spending time with the family. Has anyone copped anything lately? Was anyone looking forward to the Independence Day Air Max 1?

They were set to release on July 1st and meant to honor Betsy Ross. Betsy Ross designed the original flag. The design had 13 stars in a circle to represent the original 13 states and that detail from !770 was present on the maxes, embroidered on the heel. Shortly after images surfaced, Colin Kaepernick reached out to Nike. Telling the brand that he and others found the design to be offensive due to Betsy Ross flag's connection to a time in history when slavery still existed.

Nike issued a short statement saying that they have chosen to "halt production, based on concerns that it could unintentionally offend and detract from the nation's patriotic holiday." Retailers were ordered to ship their stock back to Nike ahead of the news breaking, shoes were never meant to hit the market but of course a few got loose; listed on StockX and going for over $2000, but have since been removed.

Nike had a similar issue arise with a different release a few months back, hopefully they tighten things up. Consistently dropping the ball isn't a good look. Soon it'll be seen as being done purposely instead of an accident. Even though most aren't aware of neither story, but that's what you have me for. I'm here to keep you in the loop!!

As always cop heavy, keep em clean and the soles icy. #Salute

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