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Wooooow!! We are really down to the last month of 2019. Time is moving fast, I'm headed into my 6th year of blogging and it would not be possible without every single one of you supporting and reading my blog.......Thank you sincerely!! I was reminiscing about when I started blogging with another sneaker connoisseur and we started discussing the state of the sneaker culture. We took it waay back to when we REALLY got into the sneaker game and the changes since then. There have been soo many changes that I felt the need to touch on the topic.

I started back in 2001, as far as buying and cleaning my own kicks. Iverson Answer IV white and gray was one of my first purchases, along with some cocaine air force ones (necessity for my generation). From there I was hooked and could not find a better way to spend my money. Young with a job and no responsibilities? I damn near lived in the mall with my $375 dollar check lol. Spending anywhere from $90 to $150 on my shoes, which I never paid any attention to. But my mom "spending all your money on shoes" "$100 dollars?! That's too much damn money, but it is yours do with it what you want". She thought I was crazy spending that amount just for a pair of shoes, when K-mart had shoes for $29.99.

Iverson Answer IV