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It's Not Worth It

What's up with my Kickz and Sneakerz fam? I hope all is well with you and your families. How are those collections looking? What have you copped lately? Wait, a better question is "can you cop?" Seems like it is getting increasingly difficult to acquire kicks in a market where we are already struggling to cop. It has gotten so bad, that people no longer place faith in Nike apps or footwear stores. They are now pre-ordering with their favorite plug/reseller, going to Stockx & GOAT or hoping for the best playing IG raffles. Because we all know scoring on SNKRS is a joke, hell scoring almost any kicks at retail is laughable these days.

I have no issue with preorder, I have done it. I do have a problem with how high numbers have gotten though. Feels more like greed than someone just hustling to make a buck. The shoe retails for $170, Stockx says $275 and then a reseller says "Give me $325 and they're yours".... you can read that again, go ahead. Those extras are the tax the reseller had to pay to touch kicks, so in order to profit they have to up the price. What you must understand, rarely is anyone seeing kicks at retail especially in bulk (that means you plug). Hands have to be greased, no one is doing this "for the culture" it's for the money.

So you say "fuck it, I'll just start botting". Now remember in my last blog "Make Sneaker Culture Great Again" ( ) I explained how expensive setup and running of bots can be, you could invest thousands with nothing to show for it.

(Actual Bot Group Post)

How? I thought botting was the solution? Remember my warning "there are bigger, badder bots being wielded by long time users, professionals even". So you invest in a bot, you got your farmed emails, proxies, captchas generated and key info from your discord group. You are ready and you're not taking anymore losses.... well guess what? There's at least another 10,000 people doing and saying the exact same thing. Botting has become increasingly popular and difficult because everyone is tired of not scoring and getting the kicks they want, so they have resorted to botting. I am in 2 different sneaker bot groups on Facebook, 1 group has 11k members and the other has 6.6k.... and guess what? Possibly half of them ARE NOT SCORING!! Why? Too much competition and traffic between bots, especially the novice. Everyone is botting, but everyone doesn't know how and the pros aren't giving too much game. Because that's how they continue to score and do numbers, duh. I see all types of posts about "never scoring and it's been over a year", "what am I doing wrong?", "can someone teach me?" and a plethora of other posts that show nothing but sorrow once you start botting.

(More Bot Group Posts)

Because you think it's simple and you will score quickly. But after the investment and a few empty runs, now you're in the hole and you HAVE TO SCORE just to justify your investment. When weeks, turn into months and after 6 months in you only have 2 scores under your belt, you have just wasted time & money.... not to mention the embarrassment you feel for wasting both. When you weigh it like that... Ultimately, it is not worth it. The time, money, effort and energy could be better invested elsewhere. Especially if you're JUST looking to get into the game, you're late.... the show is over @ 12 and you pulled up at 11:40.

Only options at this point is to continue with shoe stores/apps - Nike & SNKRS apps hoping for the best, find you a plug/reseller and get what you want, go to Stockx/ Goat/ Ebay or give up lol.... no but seriously the shoe game is all but dead, there is no more fun, joy or allure in it. The difficulty of securing due to scarcity and price increases is not what the culture was built on and it can't continue for much longer.... hopefully!!!

As always.... cop heavy, keep em clean & the soles icy!! #Salute

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