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Just A Thought

What's up with my Kickz and Sneakerz family? How are you all maintaining? You get your vaccine shot yet? Yeah, me neither... anyways, has anyone been able to snatch any kicks? I grabbed a few here and there and I'm pretty pleased with myself.

Then I started thinking about the shoe game and how the market is setup to prey and capitalize on the consumers who truly want the products. It is unfair and unnecessary to gouge the way resellers and secondary markets do. I feel like there is time for a shift, one that puts power back into the hands of consumers, collectors and aficionados alike.

What if as a whole, the sneaker community rejected the secondary market? Let's just think about this for a minute. Who buys and supports these platforms and resellers? We do!! So what if we operated in unity and discipline, making a stand against the resell market?

If we do not preorder from resellers or pay their high prices that leaves them stuck with the product right. Just abandon Stock X & GOAT as options for shoes, hop on the "retail or bust" bandwagon. If I'm not able to secure my shoes for MSRP then it was not meant to be. What do you think would happen?