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Updated: Nov 7, 2019

What's good? How is my sneakerhead family prospering? I hope all is well and you are enjoying life. What have you copped lately? Have you snatched any Nike SBs at all? They have been making a lot of noise as of late. It is kind of hard to not get caught up in the wave, which is crazy because that same wave is making it more than difficult to actually cop some SBs. Before we get into all of the SB hype, let me break down "SB' for those who might be a little lost. SB stands for skateboarding, but if you are really about that "SB" culture than SB means Sandy Bodecker!!

Sandy Bodecker is the man behind Nike SB, he launched SB back in 2002. Sandy started off as a running shoe product tester back in 1982, but due to his work ethic and ideas; Bodecker became involved in nearly every project Mark Parker and Phil Knight spearheaded. When 2002 arrived, Sandy headed up the SB side and championing skateboard culture. Bodecker knew how to culturally connect the dots and played for keeps, you can't talk Nike SB without mentioning Sandy Bodecker. Unfortunately Sandy lost his fight with cancer in October 2018, but hit memory and spirit will forever live on through his work with Nike and the SB division.

Now that you are in the know, back to all of the SB craze that has been going on. Everyone seems to have their on theory on the resurgence of Nike SB, some people say Wale (a rapper) helped make SB relevant again others might give credit to Travis Scott (reference last blog), some might even say Kyrie was the one to draw attention to SB by having SB makeups of his signature shoe.

Of course I have a different theory.....and the platform to share that theory, so here I go. Honestly, the Nike SB scene never went anywhere at all. There is a huge subculture that deals with SB and SB only. Now there are a lot of models in the SB lineup like: P Rod, Janoski, SB Zoom, SB Blazer, SB Challenge and SB Dunk (forgive me if I forgot any).....I will be focusing in on dunks because they create the hype and they're my favorite out of all the models. So I'm going to run a timeline to show when the wave became real and what truly created the resurgence of SB in the sneaker culture. I believe SB made a decision in 2018 to revive SB and with the return of James Arizumi the mastermind behind "What the? Dunk" as senior creative director they were already on the right path. I noticed a plethora of signature collaborations, a lot of those releases focused on the skater and the skate shops.

Nike SB x Premier (08/2018)

Nike SB x Humidity (09/2018)

Nike SB x NBA (10/2018)

Nike SB x Black Bar (10/2018)

This is where things started to get heated, these are the SB Dunk low Diamond Supply trio. The yellow pair was set to release at Complexcon 2018, but because of fighting and arguing the release was shutdown. Why all the drama? Because Diamond Supply did a original release with a "Tiffany Dunk Low" back in 2005 that put helped put SB and Nicky Diamonds (Skateboarder and owner of Diamond Supply) on the map. With a second installment coming in 2014, also a high Tiffany Dunk but a high this time.

Needless to say, as a collector they were a "must have". So everybody was attempting to get their hands on the shoes.

Then Nike SB turned around and gave everyone the third installment of Concept Lobster Dunks in Purple and Green (12/18). Another Brand SB collaborated with in it's early years back in 2009, the Blue and Yellow Lobster release back then was crazy. So you know the hype was at an all time high with this release. Especially since the theme remained the same making it a 4 pair collection altogether, Nike SB definitely ended 2018 on a high note.

But Nike SB was not done yet!! In January 2019 they collaborated with another old friend in Staple with whom they worked with in 2005. They released a panda themed Staple Pigeon dunk as the third installment of the collection. Nike SB wanted to come full circle with the brands that helped put them on the map, this ultimately created an undeniable wave you had to pay attention to. I believe this is where the SB craze hit an all time high and made its resurgence into the mainstream. Then Nike SB decided to just keep their foot on the gas with releases like:

Nike SB x NBA (01/2019)

Nike SB x Verdy (02/2019)

Nike SB x Jordan (05/2019)

Nike SB x Parra (07/2019)

Nike SB x Jordan - Eric Koston (08/2019)

Nike SB x Supreme (9/2019)

Nike SB x Ben G (10/2019)

As you can see Nike SB has been applying a lot of pressure, mind you these are just the collaborations that get attention. Nike SB has a general sneaker release just about every month and those color schemes are all fire to say the least. Not to mention Nike SB is still cooking dope collaborations and themed releases like:

Nike SB x Off-White (2019)

Nike SB Halloween (2019)

Nike SB Safari (2019)

Nike SB x Forty Percent (2019)

Nike SB is on fire with no signs of cooling down anytime soon. After seeing the timeline of releases and collaborations you can see that dope releases and returning to its roots is how Nike SB made its resurgence. Influencers wearing the shoes of course helped, but it has been Nike SBs creativity and consistency as of late that is the driving force. Sandy Bodecker would definitely be proud of the giant that Nike SB has become....Long live Sandy Bodecker!!!

As always cop heavy, keep em clean and the soles icy. #Salute

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