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March Madness

It's March!!! I'm excited, because as the year progresses things seem to get better. I hope everyone is feeling the same way. What's been going on with my Sneakerhead family? Have you been keeping em clean? Have you been copping heavy or have you been behaving? I myself have been behaving, enough with all that though..... ARE WE READY FOR MARCH MADNESS?! I'm not talking about college basketball, although that is exciting!! I am talking about the March madness that is AIR MAX month!!! That's right, it is that time of the year again. Now if you're not familiar with AIR MAX month check out my blog : where I give the back story.

Nike is going into the 6th year of celebrating AIR MAX and the Nike air technology that made it all possible. With that being said you know they will be pulling out all the stops as far as releases go They start off the month with the:

Nike Air Max 90 Hyper Turquoise 03/01

This Nike Air Max 90 has the original silhouette which is slightly slimmer and is completed with luxury materials.

The Nike Air Max Plus 3 featured in the "Catching Air" pack releasing has a colorful arrangement symbolic of a parachute. Hence the name "Catching Air" given to the pack, releasing 03/03

At some point this month, Nike plans to hit us all with their 9th Travis Scott collab. But his first of the AIR MAX variety in the way of the Air Max 270 React. The Travis collab boasts nuetral browns and beiges atop a gold midsole. The model is expected to release for $190. Check out my blog where I go in depth on the Travis Scott x Nike lineup:

Then Nike has something different for us. The Air Max 90 Flyease. While the model has the same 90 construction consiting of leather, mesh and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). The shoe will have easy on/off access through a flexible heel that collapses when shoe is put on. The Flyease 90 is expected to release on 03/09.

Next up is a beautiful AIR MAX city pack paying homage to London and Amsterdam with a pair of Air Max 1s. The top London, inspired by the rivers. Upper has multiple materials of suede, rip-step, corduroy and leather. The lower, Amsterdam inspired by the outdoors. Upper consists of the same luxury materials and will release on 03/19. The ONLY downside is that this is an Europe exclusive release, so unless you're overseas or have a're SOL!!

Since we're talking about kicks you might not get, lets keep it going. You are looking at the: DQM Air Max 90 "Bacon" rumored to re-release during AIR MAX month. The original version released back in 2005 and easily resells for over a $1000. DQM stands for Dave's Quality Meat and if you look the shoe resembles a piece of bacon, so now you know the back story on the name..... you're welcome.

Atmos Nike Air Max 90 "Reverse Duck Camo" pictured above is expected to release on AIR MAX DAY (03/26) and retail for $140. A lot of people are looking forward to these in the AIR MAX community, including me!! These are an alternate version of the original Atmos Air Max that released back in 2013 and currently going for thousands depending on your size.

So needless to say there is a lot of hype surrounding this shoe, due to its predecessor. Which will make securing it that much harder, unfortunately.

There will definitely be March madness with all of the AIR MAX releases taking place this month. I only highlighted the more hyped releases regarding AIR MAX month, but there are a whole lot more. I suggest you do your research, because not only is Nike releasing all kinds of air maxes, but Jordan Brand will also be doing AIR MAX themed releases this month. That means you gotta stay on top of things or be prepared to miss out. I sincerely hope everyone is able to cop what their heart desires......happy hunting family and Happy AIR MAX Month!!!

As always cop heavy, keep em clean and the soles icy. #Salute

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