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My COMPLEXCON Experience

Updated: May 23, 2019

What’s good with my Sneakerhead family? Sooo…who copped what? Who took that L? Any “grail” pickups lately? For those of you who follow me and caught my weekend experience….I FINALLY MADE IT OUT TO COMPLEXCON!!!!! Thanks to my bros The Heat Hoarders Podcast and BayAreaGotSole, shout out to the gang (pic w/ Mr Flower Fantastic)!!


I’m going to get right into it and please stick with me, trying to cover a whole lot in this lil blog of mines. Before we start though, what is Complexcon? Well, it is an!! It is a festival that brings together and showcases pop culture, music, art, food, style, sports, innovation, activism, and education. ALL in one spot with some of the biggest influencers, hottest designers and fashion forward celebrities out there. The festival takes place in Long Beach over two days (Saturday & Sunday). I know right? Amazingly awesome!!!


This was my first time attending Complexcon, so I didn’t know what to expect or how to operate. But I was definitely excited to see what all the fuss was about.

DAY 1:

The line was ridiculous!!! Like down the street, around the corner and up the block ridiculous. Upon entering, you’re welcomed by music and a circus of people and lights. The place is packed. Booths and lines everywhere you look. A gang of people hovering around a floating adidas box, why? We’ll get to that shortly.


I take my first lap, flicking ALL the pics. Union, Pink Dolphin, Kappa, Dark Clouds, OVO x Murakami etc…. all these different booths with lines and all sorts of traffic.

Vendors passing out free stuff, me grabbing it, others maneuvering around campaigning, more vendors collecting emails and passing out stuff…. me giving email and accepting free items. Then things get interesting, while maneuvering around with the crew…I got the opportunity to meet Nicky Diamond AND Frank Cooker not in-depth. But to be able to shake hands and speak momentarily to those two is FUCKIN DOPE!! (excuse my language)…

Nicky Diamond is the founder of Diamond Supply Co. Frank Cooker was a Jordan Brand liaison and is a major influence in the culture. Basically I got the opportunity to meet two legends, that was HUGE for me. As the day progresses I get to meet, talk to briefly and take a pic with creator of Sandal Boyz..Franalations (that’s a t-shirt NOT a burrito in my hand lol)!!


Yo, I’m having the time of my life focus was not on shoes at all. Too busy taking the experience all in….. UNTIL I seen someone with the atmos Cocoa Snake Nike Air Force Ones.

Image result for air force 1 cocoa snake

Instantly I snap back and start maneuvering trying to get in line and finesse my way around looking for shoes to cop. No luck on my first day, was ACTUALLY towards the front for Canary Diamond SB release.

Related image

But the hype beasts and resellers couldn’t keep their composure. A fight occurred and release was shut down. Atmos sold out of the Cocoa snakes first day (before I got to line) and another sneaker I wanted, my size sold out early.

Needless to say, I’m a tad salty because I could already see these aforementioned kicks on my feet. Now my only shot would be to deal with a reseller and I don’t do that. Then I heard a ruckus, everyone rushing towards a floating adidas box. Come to find out that adidas was releasing kicks all day via the Complexcon app and floating boxes. You had to access app and scan box at the appropriate time for a chance to secure a shoe… ah ha!! I still got action!! I rushed to the box and BOOM, I scored!! But it wasn’t the shoe I wanted and I don’t resale, so I didn’t purchase. Then the Pharrell NERD NMD drops and BOOM I scored. I’ve always wanted a pair but could never secure, I move to the next page to pay and to my surprise my size is sold out.


Feeling slightly defeated for the day with no new pickups, I head to my room in hopes of a better tomorrow…. and possibly some new shoes.

Day 1 was filled with major excitement, highs and lows…. but all great experiences.

DAY 2:

Oh I’m in that thang early early today!! I’m getting some shoes today, just watch!! I get to Diamond SB release, there’s already people and ruckus…not again!! Maybe today will be different, nope shortly after deciding to go for another shoe I hear a fight breakout. Next thing you know, NO SB RELEASE!! They shut the release down altogether because of the stupidity surrounding it. I’m in the atmos line though now and I see some Nikes… I WANT EM!! “Huh? What do you mean those aren’t available? Then why are they being showcased like ALL other kicks that are available? You’re showcasing? Uh… okay, could you let me out of line please?”

Walking away feeling some of yesterday’s feelings, I head over to Zen. They are doing a free grail giveaway and all you have to do is signup via email. See yesterday, the app wouldn’t work so I wasn’t able to enter. Oh, but it’s flowing swimmingly today.

That’s where I met and linked with The Stylish Stoner Racks Hogan, we hit a few booths and ended up at Sherbinskis booth. Sherbinski is the curator of world-famous genetics: Sunset Sherbert, Gelato, Gello, Mochi, Açaí Berry. Needless to say I enjoyed meeting him lol…. but the shoe collab he was a part of sold out as well.

Then the Zen giveaway went down and I didn’t win that either. You know what? I’m over it… just going to enjoy myself, network and take it all in. Then alert goes off, people rush the adidas floating box… and me too!! I know what I just said, but I’m trying to score!! The NERD NMDs again, I hit and they’re sold out!! Ok ok, alright now I’m over it. I decide to go eat, had some great pizza. Conversed with some cool individuals and watched a few of the conversations Complexcon was curating with celebrities, designers and influencers. They were very informative, insightful and entertaining!! By this time, the crew found me (adidas had boxes all over festival, I was everywhere), we hit a couple of booths together and left the event.

Day 2 was more laid back, I think because there were less releases and a lot of people were only around for the first day. Plus, after the first day the excitement wears off and you’re no longer in shock.

Overall it was a great experience for me, I enjoyed all the festival had to offer. Just wished I would’ve at least scored one pair of shoes. Nonetheless it was an amazing festival and I will definitely be back next year. With more knowledge of how, when and where to maneuver so that I can get in on the exclusives available.


Think I might hit y’all with a Complexcon blog that is less personal and a bit more strategic. That way you can get the full experience… give me feedback, should I release “Complexcon – HypeFest”?

As always cop heavy, keep em fresh and the soles icy. #Salute

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