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Not Enough Days

It's February!!!! Finally we are out of January, that was the ugliest month of the year. Not a great start, but things are starting to look up. There are a plethora of releases happening this month with enough heat to burn up everyone's money by the end of the month. Of course....they stuff the shortest month of the year with the most releases, you thought December was bad? Yeah okay, they had to add another day because of all the releases (not really), but we got: BHM release, Yeezy Season, Travis Scott Dunks drop and a whole lot more that I'm not going to list in this blog. Don't get me wrong, I'll be addressing some of the more popular releases, but not ALL of them. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter where I actually list all of the hyped releases for the month. So the stage for February is set with adidas being the opener, Jordan is the second act, Nike is the headliner and Reebok is a VIP guest....let's get into it.

We'll start with our VIP guest: Reebok.....they are doing their best to execute and keep up with the big dogs. But away from the classics we are familiar with from them, everything else is hit & miss. Reebok is collaborating with Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) to redesign the Reebok Answer V in two new colorways. The release takes place 2/1 (Blue) & 2/16 (Red):

Next in the Reebok lineup is A Bathing Ape collaboration pack featuring Electrolye 97 and Aztrek releasing 2/12:

Last coming from Reebok is a Tom & Jerry collection and I have no words, releasing 2/15:

Now moving on to the opening act we have adidas coming through with Yeezy 350 Boost dropping 2/1:

Next adidas hits you with a new Yeezy 700 V3 in black on 2/15:

On the way out adidas collabs with Disney Mickey Mouse to re-imagine a few classics, the Superstar & Stan Smith releasing 2/20:

Heading on to the second act, we have the Jordan brand with another Off-White installment. This time in the way of the Air Jordan 5 dropping 2/15:

Jordan brand has an All-Star lineup, but I'm not going to get into it here. Maybe I'll do an All-Star blog"...maybe. I will address the "New Beginnings" package with the Nike Air Ship PE and Air Jordan I High OG together rumored to be releasing in February:

Then Jordan exits with an all time favorite, the Air Jordan 1 High OG by way of pine green on 2/29:

Now on to the main event with Nike, dropping a new Fear of God 1 coloway out the gate hitting on 2/10:

Nike also has their own All-Star lineup, that I won't talk about here. Instead lets appreciate the hue of blue that graces their Air Force 1 collab with Just Don releasing 2/15:

Then to close out Nike hits you with the latest collaboration from their hottest influencer, Travis Scott.....but with a Nike SB Dunk that drops on that added day 2/29:

Looks like February is going to be a good showing of shoes, especially if you take into account that this is only a small portion of releases happening this month. Seems like there will be something for everybody, but that doesn't mean everybody will get something. Make sure you have your apps installed, accounts updated and your trigger thumbs ready if you are looking to score. I mean, unless you have a shoe plug then you have no worries. (if so please contact me, let's be friends). Hopefully we are all able to cop at least one pair of kicks we want this month. May the force be with you.

As always cop heavy, keep em clean and the soles icy.

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