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On The Run

Updated: May 23, 2019

What’s up with my Sneakerhead fam? Long time no hear from, my apologies for the little hiatus. I had to get some things in position, then decided to take a mini vacation. How are the collections coming along? Have you copped some new heat? Or maybe an old grail? Either way, as long as you’re copping…that’s really all that matters.

I have been making a couple of pick ups here and there. Among those pick ups have been a few pairs of Nike Air Max 90s and then it hit me……This is the year of the running shoe!!!

Air Max 90s 

air max 90

Nike has released numerous Air Max Packs, from the Safari Pack to the Ostrich Pack. There have also been random releases of Air Max 90s, Air Max 1s and Air Max 95s in a plethora of new colorways. All comfortable shoes and all made for running…..not to mention it is the 30th anniversary of Air Max. So Nike is going hard in the category of running shoes. We can’t forget about the Nike Huarache run low that has been making noise in a lot of innovative colorways and materials.

Safari Pack    

safari pack

Ostrich Pack  

ostrich pack

Huarache Lows 


Nike is not alone this year with running shoes. Have you seen what Asics has been cooking up lately? The Gel Sagas, Gel Lyte IIIs and Gel Lyte Vs are some of my favorite designs and some of the hottest running shoes in the Sneakerhead community right now. Asics uses quality materials and fresh themes to design their kicks. They also do a lot of collaborations with different brands and designers to take it up a few levels. Their shoes are a bit more exclusive and in most cases more expensive than Nike running shoes, but you get what you pay for……actually sometimes you get less than what you paid for, but we won’t get into that. Just know that this is not the case when purchasing Asics.

Gel Saga 

gel saga

Gel Lyte III

gel lyte III

Gel Lyte V  

gel lyte V

Once you start talking about Asics you have to bring up New Balance and Saucony. Because they are two more brands who have been producing lovely running shoes. The colorways are wonderful, the materials are high in quality, and not to mention they’re extremely comfortable. A lot of people don’t really wear these brands. Most are drawn to the Jumpman (Jordan) or the Swoosh (Nike). But trust and believe the kicks aforementioned can definitely keep up with the “bigger” brands. In the case of quality they have been surpassing the competition. Some of my favorite New Balance designs include 574, 1700 and 1500 (England exclusive). All very different designs, all quality and all worth every cent.


574 new balance


998 new balance


1500 england

Now on to the Saucony shoe, one that has been slept on by many. I remember being back in 9th grade and seeing people in Sauconys. Sauconys are extremely comfortable and have somewhat of a different design when compared to other shoes. In my opinion, that just adds to the style and makes them that much doper. They have well made, high quality products with fresh colorways that will make you a fan and have you copping on the regular. Saucony offers a lot of different designs and they’re all fresh, but some of my favorite styles are the Jazz, Shadow 5000 and Grid 9000.

Saucony Jazz 

saucony jazz

Shadow 5000 

shadow 5000

Grid 9000    

grid 9000

All of the shoes aforementioned in this blog are dope and worth copping…..after you’ve done your research to determine your style. But the thing that sets Asics, New Balance and Saucony apart is that they do collaborations and special releases with other brands, stores,etc that are fire and rare to come by. But, that’s another blog for another time.

All in all, they’re all great shoes that are extremely comfortable and fresh. Not to mention that in most cases (91.2%) you’ll be paying less for these kicks than you would for Jordans or some of the bigger name designs that Nike is pumping out. So when you look at it like that….you get a fresh pair of kicks, for less than Jordans, better quality and they’re all kinds of comfortable. Sounds like I just made it easy for you, YOU’RE WELCOME!!!

Alright my fellow Sneakerheads, I’m on my way out……but as always cop heavy, keep em fresh and the soles icy. #Salute

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