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Updated: May 23, 2019


Nike, Air Jordan, Reebok, Adidas, Saucony, Asiac and so on. There are numerous shoe brands. Then within those brands are signature lines like Kobe, LeBron, Iverson, Derrick Rose and so many more. It seems like there are more and more shoe brands & signatures being designed all the time. If that wasn’t enough these shoes are literally dropping all the time. In different colors with different themes for different reasons. There are numerous shoes releasing every weekend now. Some signatures drop EVERY weekend while it’s every other weekend for others. There was one weekend recently where 17 different shoes were released….. It seems to be getting out of hand with the releases these days.


Remember when shoes seemed to only drop around once a month? Now that is a thing of the past, if you missed this release there will be another release next weekend. Sometimes you don’t have to wait till the weekend, shoes are even dropping throughout the week now. It has become exhausting and overwhelming to continuously keep up with all the shoes that are dropping. If the continual release of shoes every weekend wasn’t enough, the price for shoes seems to keep rising. It makes you feel like the shoe companies are trying to have their consumers go broke. Now of course you can say “you don’t need to have every shoe that comes out”. Those are obviously the words of someone who isn’t a SneakerHead. No we don’t NEED to have every pair, but that doesn’t mean we don’t WANT every pair that comes out.


With that being said consumption of shoes has slowed down. Why? Because the market is being flooded with all types of shoes now. Back in the day the wait and the anticipation created more of a demand for shoes, but now unless you feel that they are just an absolute must have….eh, this release can be passed on. “There will be another release coming and I like that colorway better anyway” is what you will hear nowadays. The sellers have saturated the market with goods and given the consumer too many options. Therefore we no longer feel the urgency to purchase because the goods are no longer limited. Even though the market is flooded with shoes, these sneaker companies are not slowing down. They’re actually finding ways, through marketing, to keep consumers not only interested, but also keeps them spending money. As a Sneakerhead it’s not too hard. You really don’t have to twist our arm to get us to purchase shoes. All in all this speaks to how huge the Sneakerhead community has become. For every individual that doesn’t feel the need to purchase some or all kicks…..there is two to three Sneakerheads who disagree and will purchase every big name shoe being released. Shoes are a drug, shopping is a high and we are all addicted. This is what the sellers depends on……we are consumed by consumption.

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