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Updated: May 23, 2019


RESELLERS, RESELLERS, RESELLERS!!! If you’re apart of the Sneakerhead community then you know all about Resellers and how they have effected the Sneakerhead game. But for those who are not Sneakerheads or familiar with the term and how it relates to shoes let me break it down for you.

A reseller is someone who buys sneakers (usually in bulk) with the intent to sell them for a higher price than retail to make a profit. Because there is usually such a high demand for shoes and they sell out quickly, if you have multiple sizes in these shoes you can charge above retail and make a profit. Resellers have, in a sense, given the shoe game a black eye with their absurd asking prices for shoes and how they corner the market. Resellers will go to a shoe store and buy out their whole stock just to turn around and sell the shoes for more. Making it not only difficult to obtain the shoe, but making it hard to obtain the shoe for retail price. On average the price is raised $70 – $150 depending on the demand and exclusivity of the shoe. Sneakerheads can not stand Resellers and find them rather annoying, mainly because the majority of Resellers are not even Sneakerheads. They don’t collect or wear any of the shoes they sell, they have no true love for the shoe game or respect for it. Resellers only see shoes as a profit, a way to fatten their wallets.


This doesn’t apply to all Resellers, but the majority fall into that catergory……This is different from actual Sneakerheads. Do Sneakerheads sell shoes? Absolutely, but it comes from a different place. Sneakerheads have bought, sold and traded shoes among each other since the culture came into existence. But it’s not done to profit or get over on other Sneakerheads. They do it to help out another Sneakerhead acquire his grails (Grails are sneakers that have both sentimental and monetary value to a Sneakerhead and supersedes the rest of the sneakers in ones collection.) They are different for every Sneakerhead, but best believe every Sneakerhead has “Grails”. Most don’t have the grails they want and look to acquire them through purchase or trade). Or they no longer care for a specific shoe, but know it’s worth and they look to let it go for that. To be perfectly honest though…..this was how the birth of the Reseller came about. What started as Sneakerheads helping and trading among each other lost it’s translation along the way. People started to see this as a way to make a profit knowing how Sneakerheads feel about shoes and the prices that were being paid. Sneakerheads actually birthed Resellers because we continually pay high prices and see shoes as a must have, so because of that Sneakerheads unintentionally created a market for Resellers. Love them or hate them, they’re a part of the Sneakerhead community and they’re not going away the buyer always determines the market, so Sneakerheads only have themselves to blame for Resellers. By creating a demand and hyping shoes up Sneakerheads have put Resellers in a prime position to take advantage of the market and turn a profit by selling shoes that Sneakerheads “must have”. There is no need to have every shoe or pay the outrageous prices being charged by Resellers, but as long as Sneakerheads continue to play the prices the Resellers will continue to sell.

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