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What’s good with my Sneakerhead family? I’m attempting to knock the dust off and get the blog jumping again, so prepare for random blog drops and of course some of my famous rants (I know y’all love em). So who scored on the Air Jordan 1 restock? I heard them things sold out in milliseconds, I didn’t attempt because I have no time for catching Ls.

There has been a lot of drops lately, not from one but from ALL of the brands. Restocks, collaborations, new colorways and everything in between. While it creates great variety allowing everyone to find something they like, I have to ask “Is the shoe game being saturated?”. I ask, but it is almost a rhetorical question because we all know it is. While I could completely dissect and break it all down, nobody would want to read it all and I don’t want to write it all. So, we’ll focus on a few of the bigger brands. If you caught my “What’s been going on?” blog, you’ll recall my mention of Nike feeling some type of way about Adidas growth. Therefore Nike has been hitting the gas to stay ahead of competitors. They’ve started by releasing the OG uptempo with the iconic “AIR” on the side. Initially I was excited, now they have released more colors than you get in a box of crayons. Then Nike created the Vapormax, an innovative comfortable shoe with flyknit upper and complete air bubble sole. Nice right? Right up until they released 20 eleven colors. But wait there’s more, Nike created an collaboration with Off-White. That collaboration seems like it has turned into a full partnership with Off-White recreating all of Nike’s classics. Looks like Nike is running out of ideas and their turning to designers for ideas or just recycling kicks at this point.

Moving along to adidas, the OG 3 striped sneaker giant that has recreated itself with nice collaborations and the boost technology. I have not personally owned a pair of boost anything, so I can not attest to how comfortable they are. But the way everybody and their mother has been riding the boost wave they must be comfortable, that or people are sheep. Don’t worry, I won’t go there in this blog….adidas has released every style of ultra boost and NMD you can think of: caged, uncaged, behind bars, fresh out, runner, walker, sock, no sock, training, cross training, no training and so on and so forth. Oh and the Yeezys? They are going to ride those until the wheels fall off, adidas just released photos of the new yeezy lineup and it might be the worst yet….. but hey, if they are buying then keep selling, I guess.

Then there is the Jordan brand, who has saturated the shoe game more than any other brand (barely, they’re neck and neck with Adidas). Releasing shoe after shoe, weekend after weekend with sub par colorways and little to no creativity. Remember how Jordans use to sit on shelves? Exactly!! Jordans have never just sat on shelves, unless the retail was pushing $350. My point is that they’re flooding the market with so many shoes that the average sneaker consumer can’t keep up. So shoes sit on shelves and collect dust, ending up at outlets…. where I happen to shop and will gladly pay a fraction of the price lol.

I feel like the brands are so busy trying to out compete each other that they haven’t noticed how flooded the market is; or maybe they don’t care and they’re just trying to push shoes. Whatever the case may be, the shoe game is definitely saturated right now. To the point shoes are releasing in the middle of the week. Back in the day that was unheard of, especially since we all got paid on Fridays. Nike and Jordan knew when that direct deposit hit…. now they got people out here like fiends, scraping money for shoes that drop Tuesday because you didn’t get paid yet. But, you just have to have them (taps vein in arm). At first I thought “well, if we stop buying then the companies will see the drop in numbers and adjust accordingly, not flooding the market” I was wrong though. Regardless of shoes sitting on shelves and consumers spending less, these shoe companies continue to flood the market with shoe after shoe after shoe…..I guess that just leaves everyone with multiple options these days, shout out to the saturated state of the shoe game…..I guess, as always cop heavy, keep em fresh and the soles icy. #Salute

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