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Shattered Expectations

What's going on? How are all my sneaker collectors and aficionados doing? Are you all having fun in the fourth quarter of these sneaker releases? This holiday season has been nothing short of eventful and we're just getting started. Who was able to snag a pair of those "Shattered Backboard" (SBBs) 3.0?

I asked like it was difficult huh? There was a mix of hype and raised eyebrows across the community with this release. Which is rare for a SBB release, but there was a good reason. But before we get into that, let me give you a little history about the shoe or colorway I should say. Michael Jordan was drafted in 1984, in the summer following his rookie season(1985) Michael Jordan played in a summer league in Trieste, Italy. While over there, Jordan dominated and in one game he even shattered a backboard. So that is where the name/theme "Shattered Backboard" came from.......and what were the color of those jerseys? Black, orange and white.

Now, the first installment of SBB Jordan 1s released on June 27, 2015. The colorway was gorgeous and the leather quality was one of, if not the best to touch a Jordan 1 that released to the public. Needless to say the sneaker community went crazy over the shoes. Prices reflect that with current resell between $700 - $2000 depending on size and where you purchase from.

The second installment released the following year on October 08, 2016. This colorway was bright with orange being the dominant color and black accents. But still, another great colorway made with quality materials. Due to the theme, these kicks were hyped and did nice numbers. If you're looking to buy the price is between $500 - $1500 depending on size and where you purchase from.

Then there is the third installment that arrived 3 years later, glossed and with crinkled leather. Wait what? What happened to buttery leather and matte finish? That is what the sneaker community was expecting and Jordan brand went completely to the left. When pictures surfaced, there were more sounds of disappointment than joy. Nobody liked the crinkled leather nor the gloss look. Resell prices reflect that and are currently between $190 - $350 depending on size and where you buy from.

To show their disdain with the shoe Jordan brand delivered, the sneaker community has been customizing the SBB 3.0. Everything from replacing gloss finish with matte finish to recreating the original SBB 1.0 look. There have been all types of variations to make it more appealing if you will. I personally wouldn't change mine, only because of the theme. Which I don't think most are familiar with. They are called "Shattered Backboards" so Jordan brand decided to give the shoe the look of shattered backboard. That is why the leather has a crinkled look and is finished glossy, think about a you see it? Makes sense now huh? So if you put a matte finish on your SBB 3.0 you pretty much killed the theme Jordan brand was creating which I think makes the shoe that much doper. That is just my opinion though........

As always cop heavy, keep em clean and the soles icy.

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