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Sicko Mode

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

What's up with my sneaker collectors and aficionados? Hope everyone is doing well and your collections are prospering. Who has a pair or any pairs of Travis Scotts in their collection? Forces, 1s, 4s or 6s? I haven't been able to score a pair, I haven't put forth much effort either if we're being honest. The heightened hype of Travis Scott's collaborations makes it extremely difficult to acquire a pair. Who is Travis Scott you ask? Of course you didn't ask!, because unless you've been living under a rock it is hard not to know. But, I'll give a little insight....just because I'm a nice guy.

Travis Scott is an american rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer from Houston, TX. He is known for his unorthodox approach to music, high energy shows, fathering a child with Kylie Jenner and now his Nike collaborations. He released his first studio album "Rodeo" back in 2015 and has been relevant ever since. But in December of 2017 his popularity hit new heights with the release of a Travis Scott Air Force 1 in white. Current resell is between $700 - $2000 depending on size and where you purchase.

The Air Force came interchangeable swooshes and grill lace locks, needless to say it was a dope concept and very well executed. But there was more, in June 2018 Travis followed up with a Jordan 4 release in the colors of the throwback Houston Oilers team to pay homage to his hometown. Current resell is between $1000 - $3000 depending on size and where you purchase.

Seems like Travis was on a roll with 2 for 2 as far as shoes go. Then he turns around and in my opinion released his best project to date Astroworld in August. Followed by another installment in Air Force 1s but this time in a sail colorway. Current resell is between $700 - $1200 depending on size and where you purchase.

Travis Scott was hitting home-run after home-run at this point. Then he hit a grand slam by announcing an Astroworld tour starting in November 2018 complete with antics, a huge Travis Scott head entrance and a roller-coaster on stage. Allowing him to capitalize on the wave he created with his shoes and music.

Travis is on top at this point, there is no way he could get hotter right? Wrong!! In May 2019 Nike turned around and put a Jordan 1 collaboration together with Travis, complete with backwards Nike swooshes. You take one of the most iconic shoes and an artist at the time at the top of his game and the can't help but win, and win they did!!! The shoe did amazing numbers, to the point that they released a low rendition of the shoe releasing in July 2019. The Highs are currently hovering around $900 - $2000, while the lows are floating between $600 - $1200 depending on your size and where you purchase.

The release was huge because Jordan 1 collaborations don't just happen, being one of the greatest shoes to release (bias opinion). But the partnership between Jordan and Travis seemed to be going so well that another installment was added. This time a Jordan 6 dressed down in olive nubuck, glowing soles and an added pocket for whatever you fancy that released in October 2019. The shoe was extremely hyped and everybody had their eyes on the release date; leading you to believe that this might be his best release yet. It wasn't and even the resell numbers reflect that with the price between $450 - $800 depending on your size and where you purchase.

Travis Scott has been in "sicko mode" and going crazy for the last 2 years and with a plethora of musical features, album drops already and sneaker releases lined up well into 2020 doesn't look like he will be slowing down any time soon. Pictures of a mustard yellow Jordan 6 have already surfaced and created some hype. Stay tuned to the sneaker world to see how it all unfolds, I'm looking forward to the frenzy.

As always cop heavy, keep em clean and the soles icy. #Salute

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