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The Sock Game

Updated: May 23, 2019


LeBron X & matching socks

I know some of you read this title a little puzzled like “the sock game?” Well before you start jumping to conclusions let me break it down for you. Do you remember tube socks? What about ankle socks? Of course you do, back in the day as long as your socks didn’t have holes in them you were winning right? I mean and if they did you just didn’t take your shoes off lol. For the older generation of Sneakerheads or OGs as they have been dubbed, we remember it being a simpler time. As long as you had a dope pair of Jordans or Nikes or Reeboks that’s all that mattered. No one could care less about your socks, for what? Everybody had the same kind….either you had white tube socks, black tube socks or ankle socks in black or white. Those were the only options and you were content with that.


My how times have changed. There has been an evolution in the world of socks. No longer is it just about the shoes. Oh no! You must have a sick sock game to compliment your kicks. Is it required? No, but it does make the outfit a little fresher and makes the shoes pop just that much more. There are hundreds of different types of sock brands that have come about in the last few years. Some make socks to go with specific shoes, some make socks with different players on them and then of course you have your Nike brand & Jordan brand socks. But it doesn’t stop there, some of the companies and brands allow you to make/order custom socks. YES! You read that right, custom socks. I can’t name drop brands (because I’m not being sponsored by them and I reap no benefits), you guys can do your own research to find out who they are. There are more than a few out there, I’ve even seen socks with the flaming hot Cheetos design on them. The sock game has evolved and become a part of the sneaker game and is only getting bigger and more creative. So if you’re out there with a dope shoe game I can only hope that your sock game is up to par as well. Because if not, your shoes are fresh but they’re not as fresh as they could be because your socks don’t match (O_o)


WTK 7s & WTK socks

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