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The State of Jordans

Updated: May 23, 2019


Let me just start off by saying that I love Jordans with a passion. One of my favorite players of all time (Michael Jordan) and one of my favorite shoe brands. As a kid into my adult years Jordans were always the shoe to have. If you weren’t wearing Jordans then you weren’t “in”. Didn’t matter what you had on your feet if they weren’t worn by the “Goat” (Greatest of All Time). His game was un match-able and his shoes were beyond popular and at the top of the totem pole. There was nothing better on the market, if you wanted style and quality you wanted Jordans. They were innovative, the color schemes were wonderful and they were overflowing with style. You could just feel the eyes on your Jordans when you walked through a crowded room.

The 1st edition of Jordans were made with high quality leathers and suede, some were even produced in Italy. They were durable, comfortable and well put together. One of the first shoes to put together new designs and high quality materials; which only added to the already huge reputation of Air Jordan Shoes. As high quality as these shoes were they only retailed for $64.99,I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in……………High quality leather, suede, innovative and Italian designs all for less than $75 dollars.That is part of what made the Air Jordan shoe what it is today and now it is hard to even envision them at that price. Over the years Air Jordans have been released, re-released and released again. In the original colorways and new colorways, some wonderful and some we could have done with out. The Air Jordan shoes are now produced entirely in China, the quality of the shoes have severely declined as well. To say the least the Jordan Brand has been un fulfilling in the latter years of production, the quality seems to get worse every time they release them. I have Jordan 11s from 2010 and from 2013. Just in those three years the quality on the 2010 model is unbelievably better than the 2013. The same quality and care that was used when the Jordans were first produced has been abandoned and forgotten, leaving us with a shadow of what Jordans used to be. There have even been cases of Air Jordan shoes ripping and tearing at the seems, something that was unheard of in the early years. To add insult to injury, the prices keep raising on Jordans going higher and higher almost annually. From $65 in the early 80s to $200 now, and prices are set to be raised again this holiday season.


While the quality of Air Jordans have declined over the years and un savory color schemes have been released, there are other signature shoes on the rise. There are Kobes, Lebrons, Kds (Kevin Durant), Air Max and Yeezy all produced by NIke and all with a high level of quality and design. These new signature shoes have remarkable designs, eye-popping colors and a level of quality that over shadows Air Jordans. Air Jordans a shoe that was once at the top of the totem pole and at the forefront of innovation is now finding itself towards the back. No longer the top in fashion, Jordan Brand’s wounds and current position is self inflicted.Yes, Air Jordans are still the highest selling shoe as of right now. But LeBrons are next followed by KDs and then Kobes as a close third; if things keep going the way that they are Jordans can possibly and probably be overtaken in years to come.

I have ALWAYS been a fan of Air Jordans, but with the quality level declining, prices rising and them flooding the market with less than stellar colors it’s hard to continuously stand behind the Jordan Brand. The worst part is that the Jordan Brand makes hundreds of millions of dollars, but we can’t get a higher quality shoe???

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