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Too Many

What's good with my Sneakerhead family? I hope your collections are prospering and your L's stand for laughing because you're enjoying life. I've been scoring and adding to the collection and I couldn't be happier. We are drawing nearer to the holiday season, so you know an overload of releases are fast approaching. Teasers are starting to pop up and we're hearing more release date talk on social media. A plethora of Jordans will be hitting the market. A lot of people seemed to be juiced about the BRED Jordan 11s with the high-cut patent leather.....I'M NOT!!

Now before you jump to conclusions hear me out. Back in High School the Jordan 11 was my favorite shoe, referred to as "PLs" (Patent Leathers). I had the Concord colorway and the BRED colorway never wanted the Space Jams and always wanted the Columbia Blue 11s. Then they dropped the Cool Grey 11s and I was in complete love.

I've always had a thing for 11s, I snatched 2 pair of the 2010 Anniversary editions. Finally got my hands on a very near dead-stock Cool Grey 11 in 2012. Then in 2013 it all went down hill for me and my love of 11s. They dropped the Gamma 11s which I thought were lame, only until I seen the "Legend Blue" 11s, then those took the top spot as the lamest shoe. It's one thing to retro a colorway of a shoe, but now we're recycling colorways with slight adjustments and acting like it's a new release? Nah Jordan don't do this. Not only did they do it, but they started to run the 11 model into the ground.

We all remember the OG colorways that released in 95-96, they were and still are classic.

The Jordan Brand has retroed or released 22 versions of the Jordan 11 high model.

They have retroed or released 24 versions of the Jordan 11 low model.

They have retroed or released 16 versions of the Jordan 11 I.E model.

They have also released 8 women versions of the Jordan 11 model.

Jordan is up to 75 renditions of the 11 (counting the 5 OG colorways), 75!! After the re re re release of the Bred 11 and the new release of Silver 11 we're looking at 77 releases of the Jordan 11. How crazy is that? It might be time to lock the silhouette in the vault for a little while, like they did with the 3s. "For real? They locked the 3s away?" I know, no one can tell because it only lasted a year and they've been dropping 3s ever since at a higher rate. The real truth is, the 11 is one of their cash cows. That's why they wait until the holidays to release the most sought after colors. They also choose that time of the year to implement a price increase on the shoe.

They'll be $220 this holiday season, just a couple years ago it was $180 right? The price keeps rising and we keep getting the same shoes, but with less quality. That's crazy and guess what? It is not stopping no time soon. There is a whole new wave of sneaker collectors and enthusiasts looking forward to the 11 release, that never got the chance to previously acquire or have nostalgic reasons for purchasing. Me? I'm good, I'll stick with my $100 Air forces, $140 Air Maxes and $160 Jordan 1s....well at least until the $190 price increase. What? You didn't know? Oh yeah, it's getting real!! Alright, I'm done...sincerely appreciate you taking time out to read my blog.

As always cop heavy, keep em clean and the soles icy. #Salute

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