Word of Mouth

I am proud to share a handful of recent testimonials from our happy customers. Kickz and Sneakerz is dedicated to exceptional customer care and will always go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied with our products and service. If you have had an experience with us and have feedback, please get in touch - I would love to hear it.

I was first introduced to the brand a few years back. Jelani had great customer service and welcomed all constructive criticism. Fortunately still to this day I have no criticism. 

Within the past year I’ve had two pairs of sneakers deep cleaned and purchased one pair of custom Jordan 12’s. His work is incredible!! All the shoes he has worked on for me look brand new. His communication is always on point. His prices are very reasonable from garments to services.

What I appreciate most about Kickz and Sneakerz is the customer service. Kickz and Sneakerz will always have a client within me because of that alone. One of the most slept on things about this brand is the blogs. I’ve learned so much reading the blogs on this site that I mistakenly consider myself a sneaker head now LOL. 

Darian Cooper

I recently concluded my 4th transaction with your company. I have purchased your book, 2 shirts and most recently a pair of custom embroidered jogger sweats. The quality of not just your products, but the smooth and easy encounters I have had are a big reason why I will continue conducting business with your company in the future. I have also created an account on your website and following you on 2 different social media platforms in order to ensure not to miss any new and exciting endeavors I am sure your company will present to all of us in the near future.

Samuel Esqueda

I’ve been an avid supporter of the Kickz and Sneakerz brand for about 5 years now. From when I first purchased the “It’s More Than Just Buying Sneakers” book. I have merchandise from every single drop, have yet to miss a beat...Even some sample items. My daughters have merchandise as well. I’m all about quality and every single drop has just that. It’s all about the details. As a consumer I truly appreciate the constant personal communication I receive. I also utilize Kickz and Sneakerz shoe cleaning services and I have to say I am NEVER disappointed when I spend my money with the brand.

Kris Woods

Where to start with Kickz and Sneakerz?! From deep cleans to clothing from the brand, I have not been disappointed yet!! The customer service is excellent and the sweaters are amazing!! They are super creative and detailed. I will always be a FAN & SUPPORTER of Kickz and Sneakerz!!

Tianna Tyler

I recently utilized the Kickz and Sneakerz shoe cleaning service and had 3 pairs of shoes cleaned. I truly appreciate the customer service, communication, professionalism and quick turnaround timeframes. My shoes came back looking amazing.

I have also purchased a Kickz and Sneakerz "Dad Hat" for myself and a shirt and pair of socks for my son. The quality and details are pristine. Every interaction is a 10/10. 

I am a member on the site and I enjoy the sneaker content shared in the  newsletters and blogs. I will continue doing business with Kickz and Sneakerz beacuse I know that it is money well spent. I value and appreciate the products and services. 

Candace Hannah