Kickz and Sneakerz began as a simple blog back in 2014 sharing knowledge and news with collectors, enthusiasts and new comers about the culture of sneakers. Everything from the history of kicks to how to shop & maintain your kicks to releases of exclusive kicks. 

From there Kickz and Sneakerz grew, a book was developed giving insight into the world of enthusiasts and the brand "Kickz and Sneakerz" was born.

Kickz and Sneakerz is a CREATIVE ARTIST BRAND. Providing shoe services, clever clothing designs, stimulating content & inspired coverage of the sneaker culture. From events to trade shows, releases, art as far as paintings, customs, sculptures and anything else creative, artistic and a part of the culture. Kickz and Sneakerz will showcase all creative aspects to bring you the latest in sneaker culture.

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Kickz And Sneakerz Timeline

  • K and S starts blog (Mar 2014)

  • K and S publishes: It's More Than Just Buying Sneakers (Nov 2014)

  • K and S goes on book tour (Feb - Aug 2015)

  • K and S offers shoe cleaning & customizing services (Feb 2016)

  • K and S introduces new logo (Jan 2018)

  • K and S merchandise is made available (Feb 2018)

  • K and S is featured in fashion show (Aug 2018)

  • K and S launches website (Nov 2019)

  • K and S releases Cleaning Guide & Cleaning Kit (July 2020)

  • K and S 1 Year Website Anniversary and Drop (Nov 2020)

  • K and S receives "Black Artist Fund" grant (Dec 2020)