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CAN I RANT??? part 2: How Low Will They Go???

Updated: May 23, 2019

What’s going on my fellow Sneakerheads? I hope you all are doing well and keeping your kick game up to par. I’ve been looking at releases lately, especially 2015 releases and I have a problem that I want to vent about so I’m back to rant…..again lol.


Alright so the Jordan Brand released the 11 lows right? Right! There are rumors of a Jordan 6 releasing that will be a low. In February there will be a Jordan 1 dropping in the OG Bred colorway……So I’m wondering not only what the hell is going on, but how low will they go? I feel like there shouldn’t be any lows in the world of basketball shoes. They’re basketball shoes and yes I know no one is really hooping in Jordans these days. But they should stay true to the reason the shoe was produced in the first place, to play ball in. Not only that, a lot of the lows coming out in the near future are ugly to me. Don’t get me wrong, Nike released the Kobe 7s, 8s, & 9s which are lows and the KD 4s and 6s that are also lows. For style they’re cool and what not, but I have yet to purchase or own a pair. Because basketball shoes aren’t meant to be lows. Maybe it’s because I have sustained ankle injuries on the court that has me feeling some type of way, but so what!!! I have even seen sample pictures of the Foamposite One in a low, really Nike??? A Foamposite low???

The madness must stop, every shoe isn’t meant to be a low or should be redesigned as such. I feel like the Jordan Brand is messing up classic shoes by making them lows. Isn’t it bad enough that they’re retro-ing every freaking number in the Jordan series. You literally have to take it a step lower by making lows.

jordan low
jordan low1
jordan low2

Again, these are just my random thoughts. I’m sitting here ranting and giving my personal opinion. Feel free to respond and share yours, I’m interested in seeing how other Sneakerheads feel about this topic. I’m sure the opinions will be split, but it should make for good debate and an interesting dialogue.

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