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Does It Matter?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

What's up with my Kickz and Sneakerz family? How are you maintaining? How are the collections looking? I actually haven't bought any kicks since Nov 2021, how crazy is that?

Anyways, I received an IG dm not too long ago and it was a reel of counterfeit shoes being made. The caption read "Are you still trusting your local sneaker plug?" Implying that if your "plug" can acquire hyped shoes that no one else can they may be fake. I found it funny because depending on the validity of your plug, connect or whatever you want to call em.... your kicks could be fake. Then I started thinking about the counterfeit sneaker market and how it's a $400 billion dollar market. There is no way that EVERYONE'S kicks are authentic and from the ACTUAL manufacturer.

For those of you buying directly from the brand themselves, you're obviously in the clear. But what about those obtaining their kicks from basically anywhere else? Are their kicks authentic? How can you confirm that your favorite boutique or plug is selling you authentic kicks?

au·then·tic - adjective

: of undisputed origin; genuine.

I have a different question for you.... Does it matter?

Before the die-hard collectors and connoisseurs get offended and blow a gasket, I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to the average run of the mill sneaker wearer or the kid who always sees their favorite celebrity/influencer in the newest hyped shoe. Actually, I posed this question to anyone who isn't a collector.... does it matter if the shoes are authentic? Why?

Let's be honest, acquiring authentic hyped kicks at a reasonable price anywhere besides the brand on release day is almost impossible. The sneaker market is not setup for those who actually like shoes to acquire at a retail price. It is now a business, a business where cash is king and hyped kicks go to the highest bidder or those lucky enough to score on release day. Leaving everyone else left out and frustrated with the SNKRS app or whatever site the drop was on, scrolling StockX/GOAT debating paying resale prices. Knowing damn well those prices are disrespectful and unacceptable but, because you want the kicks you think about it... even if only for a second. But wait!!! Nike has an ongoing lawsuit with StockX and will now be adding counterfeiting to the case. Nike claims that within 2 month's time, Nike purchased 4 pairs of fakes from the StockX platform. This only furthers my point of there being no guarantee of authenticity unless you're purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

So fake kicks, no unauthorized... yeah unauthorized sounds better. What's so bad about them? Why does it matter if your kicks are authentic? Who is going to know? You get the shoe you want AND at close to retail if not better. Have you ever heard of "CheckCheck"? It is an app where you take specific pictures of shoes and send them in to be verified. Pretty cool right? I think the fact that there is even an app for that speaks to the level of unauthorized kicks out there. Not to mention questions like "how are they authenticating kicks? and how is there word official?" Let's not forget that fake shoes have been purchased from secondary markets at resell prices as well. So with that being said, there's no real way to confirm the kicks you're buying are authentic away from the brand.

I have had this conversation with collectors & casual shoe wearers and both start off saying no, but thinking about it by the end of the discussion. I mean, who are you trying to impress by paying high prices on shoes? Shoes that at the end of the day were made for pennies on the dollar in a foreign country. Sounds more like you're paying for transport of shoes, brand name and acceptance. If you can't get an authorized pair from the manufacturer at retail, you can pay similar prices for unauthorized kicks.... who is going to know, right?

Please respond/comment with your thoughts and opinions.... I'm curious as to what others think about this topic.

As always.... cop heavy, keep em clean & the soles icy!! #Salute

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