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Updated: Jan 23, 2021

What's up with my Sneakerhead fam? How are you and your loved ones maintaining during these times? I hope all is well and everyone is healthy, not just physically but also mentally. The pandemic we are experiencing has caused the world to slow all the way down and take a step back. I speak of COVID 19, the virus that has affected everyone everywhere. COVID 19 stands for: CO-corona VI-virus D-disease 19-2019. it was first identified in Wuhan, China. The virus is believed to spread from person to person mainly through respiratory droplets produced when the infected coughs or sneezes.

COVID 19 has brought on curfews, lock-downs and quarantines to try and limit spread of the virus. Social distancing and wearing masks while out in public have become the new normal. Only allowed to leave the house for essential supplies or if you are an essential worker (workers in law enforcement and public safety, food production, health care providers and emergency personnel, among others) otherwise a "Stay at Home" order is in place. Companies have closed, some have gone out of business due to the affects of COVID 19, unemployment is at an all time high and no one is sure of when things will change.

People are stuck in the house online shopping and ordering like crazy due to postal services still functioning, but that also has caused issues. Due to shipping options being limited and a small supply of things being available. Even the companies who have been able to remain open have had to temporarily close down facilities, furlough workers and limit production on products to keep the doors open and continue operating.. Needless to say COVID 19 has had adverse affects on the sneaker world because of these facts. Shoe companies have limited production running, shipments are taking longer because of the heavy flow of packages being shipped/delivered regularly. Release dates have become nothing more than placeholder dates, meaning that is the ideal date for release but things are subject to and probably will change. Every time you turn around a release date is getting pushed back:

Air Jordan 13 "Flint"

April 18

May 2nd

May 30th

Air Jordan 11 Low

April 25

May 23

June 20

Air Jordan 5 "Top 3"

May 16

May 30

June 13

Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 270 React “Cactus Trails”

March 2020

April 10

May 1

May 29

So as you can see, no date is for certain. That is not even the difficult part, actually securing the shoe whenever the powers that be decide to release them is the issue. Malls, stores and boutiques alike are all closed due to COVID is the only way to cop kicks, forcing adaptation and dependency solely (see what I did there?) on technology to secure. For the tech savvy, no major problem...but if you have never used the apps, unfamiliar with sites and raffle processes; your chances of securing are slim enough to hula-hoop a cheerio. Even for the tech savvy, we still have to combat bots and the others out there. Now it is EVERYBODY out there AND the bots, definitely not for the slow, uninformed or the weak....good luck to everyone though. Some people have said "I'll just go buy from Stockx" yeah okay!!! The main Stockx authentication plant in Detroit had 7 employees test positive after not following lock-down orders and staying open through March 25. Due to closing, packages had to be rerouted to other facilities. This has lead to overflow and issues with authenticating at the other Stockx facilities all in the midst of Stockx already laying off 12% and raising seller fees 3% (announced before the pandemic).

If you thought buying kicks was crazy before it is definitely a rat race now.....all in the same breath that is not the biggest concern. Making it through this pandemic solidified as a whole, with you & your families health and mental intact is. I pray that you all are healthy and taking the necessary measures to keep you & your loved ones safe. Wash your hands, stay safe, stay inside and remember.....WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!


As always.... cop heavy, keep em clean & the soles icy!! #Salute

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