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It’s More Than Just Buying Sneakers Book Signing

Updated: May 23, 2019

What’s up with my fellow Sneakerheads??? February is here and the releases are picking up, I hope you all are keeping up and copping heavy. I myself, have been on good behavior but I sense that coming to an end very soon lol.

Let’s get to it though…..I have a book signing for my book “It’s More Than Just Buying Sneakers” this Saturday February 7th at Dimple Books & Vinyl located at 2499 Arden Way, Sacramento from 2pm – 4pm. I’m looking forward to the event,  I want any and everybody to come out and enjoy in the atmosphere. I feel like it’s going to be a nice event and I want all of my Sneakerheads in Sacramento to pull out some heat and come stunt with me. I’ll have a photographer on site, so you know we will be taking all kinds of shoe, group and candid flicks to showcase our footwear.

If you have a book and I haven’t signed it, come get it signed. If you don’t have a book, come snatch one and get it signed. If you have a book and it’s signed, then just come out show support and socialize. I want to shut down Dimple Books lol…..I want them to see how big this Sneakerhead movement is in Sacramento. Then afterwards whoever is up for it we can put something together. Gun range, sushi, drinks whatever….I’m all for linking up with my fellow Sneakerheads and getting into something.

I’m truly looking forward to seeing all who come out and the event itself…..hope to see you, you and even you out there hahaha.

Until then, keep em fresh and the soles icy. #Salute

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