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Just Can’t Let Go

Updated: May 23, 2019

What’s up with my Sneakerhead fam? Long time no hear from, how is everyone doing? It has been a while since we last touched bases and a lot of kicks have released since then. There is no way am I trying to or wanting to recap; lets just acknowledge that a lot of “heat” has dropped and there has been some trash to accompany said “heat” along the way.

I hope you all have been adding to the collections, copping all the kicks that your heart desires and your bank account will allow. That’s what I wanted to address in this blog though, not your bank accounts; that is none of my concern….do you, make it rain if you feel the need!

make it rain

I wanted to talk about your collections, more specifically how big are your collections? I ask because I have had some interesting conversations with my Sneakerhead brethren as of late and honestly I was surprised. Not as much as I thought, but surprised nonetheless. All of the conversations centered around the question: Would you sell all the kicks in your collection? Now the question came about because one of my brothers has sold a nice portion of his collection lately. His reason was because he wanted to cop new kicks and he was not really into the ones he had. So instead of stock piling why not flip kicks and use the money from kicks for more kicks? Makes sense and it won’t hurt your bank account as much, I mean if you care about that type of stuff.

A different brother said something similar.  He also wanted to downsize his collection. Which is understandable because after awhile, regardless of how you store kicks they will take up space. Another said he wouldn’t part with ANY of his kicks – it’s just not going to happen. His reason was because of the sentimental value behind his kicks.. Whether he had them as a youth and/or wanted them – they meant something. I heard this response again, but to the tune of: “I wouldn’t sell any kicks other than my bottom shelf, beat kicks and “no name ” Nikes, Jordans etc.” Who wouldn’t do that though? I’d love to make a buck off my beat kicks too. His reason was because he worked hard to get to where he is; to be in a position to hunt down and buy the kicks he wants. So why would he sell them?


All great points were made, whether they were flipping or keeping everything. But, there was one thing that kept coming up in the conversations. Even with my brothers that were flipping their kicks and switching up their collections. That was the sentimental value; whether it was all, a few or just one pair. They had all spoken on not being able to part with certain kicks. Some were relatable and some were on a more personal level. Which I will not disclose, but they all had some kicks that they just can’t let go of.

i cant

Then I was watching Mayor on youtube and if you know who he is then I need not say more…..but for those of you who don’t, HIS COLLECTION IS RIDICULOUS AND IS 3000 PAIR DEEP!!! My opinion might be a little bias because I love Air Force Ones and that’s a major part of his collection. I digress though, he doesn’t sell or dump kicks. You can’t, not having 3000 pair. It’s hard for me to part with any of my kicks, even my beat ones. Now I have done giveaways but never for a profit and when I decided to sell kicks it hurt every time. Because I needed the money and didn’t truly want to part with my kicks. I honestly hope to house over a thousand kicks one day, so selling kicks isn’t for me. Right now I’m roughly somewhere between 40 – 50 pairs of kicks, that’s okay I guess…..for now.


Brings me back full circle to my very first question: How big is your collection?

Only for me to follow-up with my conversation question: Would you sell all the kicks in your collection?

Are there kicks you “just cant let go of”?

Please chime in, I’m sincerely interested in how my Sneakerhead fam feels about this topic, so share your comments/thoughts…….as always cop heavy, keep em fresh and the soles icy. #Salute

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