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LOST FILES: Is Shoe Buying Psychological?


What’s going on with all my Sneakerhead fam out there? Hope all is well and you’re keeping the closet stocked with fire!! I am not going to waste anytime, I am going to get right into it. I want to pose a question to you that I have been asked. Is shoe buying psychological? Before we really get into it, just to be certain, let us define Psychological: of, affecting, or arising in the mind; related to the mental and emotional state of a person. You read that and as a sneaker connoisseur when I ask “Is shoe buying psychological?” You easily reply “yes”.  Shoe buying affects both our mental and emotional states, be honest. I know I leave out of the mall with a kool-aid smile and all kinds of happy thoughts of where I will heat up the scene in my kicks. I do not see any way you could be in a bad mood when out buying shoes, unless you do not have enough for what you want. In that little window you could ask me for $5 and get it!!


Question easily answered, on to the next right? Wrong! Because it gets deeper. It always seems to work out that way huh? Nonetheless I follow up with “Is it an addiction?” In some cases as a Sneakerhead you have more than likely been hit with this question already. It is usually one of the first questions asked after people come into the understanding of you being a Sneakerhead. So back to the question “Is it an addiction?”. Well, what is addiction? Defined, addiction is an unusually great interest in something or a need to do or have something. Hmmmm, starting to sound like a lot of us might have an addiction without even knowing it. I find the definition a bit confusing and debatable. While I do have a great interest in shoes I do not feel a need for them. In my mind addiction has always been pictured as something you will go to great lengths to acquire, you will do anything necessary to get what drives your addiction. I have never pictured shoes that way, if I can not or do not buy the shoes, life will still go on. That is my personal opinion. On the other hand when you see riots, fights and even deaths occur behind shoes it will make you second think the question.


We could go back and forth with the question all day. Without getting into great debate over whether shoe buying is or is not an addiction. Let us all agree that there are different levels of addiction from low to high. Most Sneakerheads fall under low addiction where they have great interest in shoes and buy at will. Then you have rare cases where things may get out of hand because there are those individuals who feel it is a need and will do what is necessary to acquire shoes. While it may be unnecessary, it still happens and therefore can not be ignored. So yes, shoe buying affects both our mental and emotional states making it psychological. Shoe buying in the case of Sneakerheads (because it holds a great interest to us) it can be considered a mild addiction. No need to run out and create shoe anonymous groups though, I am sure we will all be fine. Just keep it safe and in the right perspective when dealing with your sneaker addiction.

Feel free to share your comments/thoughts…… always cop heavy, keep em fresh and the soles icy. #Salute

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