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Love of Sneakers

Updated: May 23, 2019


Sneakers, shoes or kicks… whatever you call them, it’s safe to say that we all like them. But do you love them? Might sound like a weird question to ask, but you better believe that there are those who don’t just love but are in love with sneakers. They have been deemed SneakerHeads and there is a whole community of them. I too am one of the aforementioned SneakerHeads who has a strong love for sneakers. A lot of SneakerHeads can’t tell you or pinpoint when or where it started for them. Me on the other hand I remember it clearly……

I was about 7 years old, I had an older cousin who in my eyes could do no wrong. He had a shoe rack with fresh Nikes, some Jordans (even though Jordan was Nike at the time) and some Reeboks. I looked up to him and he kept a fresh pair of kicks, they were always the star of his outfits. One day watching basketball I seen Michael Jordan’s shoes, he was wearing the same ones as my cousin or vice versa. That sealed it for me; I wanted and felt I needed those. My cousin and the best in the NBA (Michael Jordan) wear the same shoes? Oh yeah, I need to get on that hype. After that I was drawn to shoes from the colors to the brands to the styles as the years went by my infatuation and love for sneakers grew.

The problem with that was that I was young and without money, so as much as I liked certain shoes they were unobtainable for me. Until high school, I got my first job and went shoe crazy. Jordans, Iversons, Air Force Ones and many more. It’s just something about a fresh new pair of shoes mmmmm, especially Jordans. Don’t get me wrong I love all shoes. Designs, styles & colors but a fresh pair of Jordans though; to me there is no comparison. My introduction to the shoe game happened over 20 years ago and I love sneakers more now than I did back then and I definitely appreciate them a whole lot more….. Probably because I pay soo much for them; but I pay that much because of my love for them and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I am a proud SneakerHead and I LOVE SHOES!!!


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