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Updated: May 23, 2019

Whats up with my fellow Sneakerheads? I hope you’re still copping heavy, investing in quality kicks and not the nonsense that periodically comes out with poor materials & bad paint jobs. There have been a lot of nice releases that are not centered around the big 3 (Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kevin Durant) or the juggernaut that is the Jordan Brand.

Big 3


Ironically all of these quality releases are still Nike, whether it be air max 1s, 90s, 95s or 2014s…..and we can’t ignore Nike SB who has been coming with some nice releases lately. Of course there are also NIke Air Force Ones that have been around forever and still coming with fresh colorways and themes. Let’s not forget about the Nike Foamposite, even though the releases have been hit and miss as of late they’re still a major factor in the Sneakerhead community. Nikes only real competition has been the Jordan Brand which they have recovered and plan to remaster starting in 2015……WHO IS LEFT TO COMPETE??? Don’t get me wrong Asics are dope along with New Balance & Saucony, but very few are intrigued by those. If you venture away from Nike or Jordan, which no one really does, you end up dealing with Reebok or possibly some Adidas. None of these are bad selections by far, but lets be honest Nike is killing the game and has been since they signed Jordan and released his signature line.



You got to give Nike a lot of credit…..or do we??? I say this because it seems like they are running out of ideas and going back to earlier releases to find ideas or just re-release shoes. It feels repetitious with the shoes that are dropping lately from Nike and the Jordan Brand. From the materials to the themes, they have even retroed classic kicks with cheap materials tainting our memories of that once iconic kick. With all that being said people still rush to the malls and boutiques to purchase kicks that are less than stellar in quality. The part that I can not comprehend is how we were able to acquire better quality shoes at a lower price back then, but pay an arm & a leg today for kicks of a lesser quality. But Nike is making more money now than ever before……so how are we the consumer spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and getting the short end of the stick?

bad jordans

Because Nike has found a way to keep us hooked like crack, finding cheaper materials to produce shoes and market like nobodies business all at the same time. How many of you bought some kicks and you weren’t happy with the quality? How many of you complain and turn around and still cop kicks? It’s okay to admit it, because I do it too lol…….But I have made adjustments to how I spend and what I will purchase with my hard earned money. It’s not even the old Sneakerheads who are keeping Nike and these other businesses going. It’s these young heads who don’t know any better or have never truly seen a quality kick. Most of the young heads have never even seen Jordan play in a pair of Jordans or remember when Foamposites first hit the seen; let alone tell you who Penny & Lil Penny.


Nike has taken advantage of our love for kicks, knowing that it is a drug and a lifestyle for most of us. I don’t know about you but I get a rush and a joy when I cop. You don’t think Nike is aware of this? Of course they are, they found a way to use cheaper materials with trash production and has exploited our love for sneakers……NIKE IS A BEAST!!!

As always my fellow sneaker enthusiasts…..keep em fresh and the soles icy! #Salute


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