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What’s been going on???

What’s good with my Sneakerhead fam? It has been a long hiatus, but I missed my people and I missed writing so here I am…. and I hope there you go. What’s everybody copping these days? Are y’all still in love with the sneaker game or has it left a sour taste in your mouth???

Adidas has been doing their thing lately huh? Boost, Yeezy, Pharell, Yohji Yamamoto and a lot of the classics coming to the forefront of the sneaker game. Been seeing more Adidas than Nikes on feet lately and I think Nike is starting to feel the heat. Don't get me wrong, Nike is still the big dog..... but I think they have seen a shift in trends and sales.


So what does Nike do? Start re-releasing all the classics… from Uptempos to OG colorways of Foamposite Ones. Trying to play on the psychological, get you reminiscing and all nostalgic so you run out and buy those shoes that “take you back”. If that doesn’t do it, Nike has released the Vapormax running shoe. A shoe with a lightweight flyknit upper and soles that are all air bubble. Something fresh, innovative and just in time for summer.


Y’all remember Under Armour? Yeah they fell off after the Curry 2.5. Mainly because the Curry 3 low looked like the newest installment of “Dad shoes” or nurse slippers. Making it hard to be taken serious, not to mention big UA previously used on kicks didn’t cut it aesthetically. Things have gotten so bad that the company had to layoff employees, close to the tune of 250 jobs smh. Under Armour might not be in the shoe game for much longer if they keep this up.

dad shoe

Reebok is still around, flying under the radar. Always known for being a top but brand but not top 3. Reebok is dropping some nice kicks, most are just overshadowed by their competitors. But don’t be soo quick to count Reebok out, they have a new collaboration with rap artist Future and also a Supreme collaborations in the works. Pics have already leaked for both collabs so be on the lookout. They have some more in the works, but I don’t want to spoil it for you lol.

reebok kdot

Vans vans vans…..A classic in its own right. The brand has always been consistent, but they’ve been making noise with wonderful color blocking, smooth materials and great collaborations that turn heads. Staying true to who they are has been the defining theme for vans and they do it well. Whether it is lows, slip-ons or Sk8 hi the execution is always nice. Plus they work well for any occasion from casual to fancy (if you know what you’re doing).

charlie vans
fog vans

Then there is Jordan….. who is inconsistent in every way from materials to colorways to pricing. Jordan is definitely falling from grace, flooding the market with shoes that leave a lot to be desired. There’s no real creativity anymore, they’re just recycling ideas and re releasing classics with unappealing twist. Remember Jordan supposedly being remastered? Yeah, that was almost as big of a joke as the Curry 3 lows (Dad shoes). Sad to say Jordan is not living up to expectations or the name for that matter.

wheat js
ugly js

There’s a lot of brands I have yet to address, think I’ll make a part 2 or an international “What’s been going on?” to shed light on the rest of the heat available to us all. There are a lot of sleeper brands in the U.S. that are major overseas so I can not leave them out. That wouldn’t be fair… always cop heavy, keep em fresh and the soles icy. #Salute

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