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Where Have You Been?


What’s up with my Sneakerhead fam? How has everybody been? I know it’s been about a year since you’ve heard from me and for that I apologize. A lot has happened over the last year, so allow me to update you. While I had social media presence, a book in circulation and blogging at the same time, there were still people who were not familiar with Kickz And Sneakerz. So I decided to create a logo to solidify the brand and tie everything together, makes sense right? Right! I was just unaware of all the work involved, from designs to trademarking and ACTUALLY getting the logo out there in a way that didn’t seem desperate. I came to the conclusion that merchandise would be the best route. I could create brand awareness, network and eventually even see some income if done the right way. So I sat down, came up with an idea and ran it by my digital artist and BOOM, started 2018 with a new logo!!!


Clean and simple, but effective. I was excited to finally have a logo that represented my brand. So of course I got a couple hoodies made for myself, so that I could rep the brand. Little did I know I wasn’t the only one who wanted to rep and support Kickz And Sneakerz. After posting a couple of photos with the hoodie. My inbox and comments started going crazy with demand for the sweater. Flattered and shocked all at the same time, I jumped into action. Created a release for hoodies and as fast as the logo was created, I was fulfilling orders even faster. From there a wave was created with me supplying the demand. T-shirts, v-necks, long sleeves, jogger sweat suits and even shorts were pressed up to accommodate all who supported the Kickz And Sneakerz movement and wanted apparel.

Needless to say I was overwhelmed, because Kickz And Sneakerz wasn’t a clothing line. It is a creative artist brand that provides clever designs, custom kicks and creates thought-provoking content for others. Nonetheless I continued to supply the demand and create variations to designs for new looks. All while creating custom kicks and working on my craft. I actually started to get really nice with my creative execution on kicks. Even stepped out of my comfort zone attempting to create something different. That’s where my textured cement custom came from.


Even tried my hand at the “Galaxy” custom……


Then I got hit with “Where’s the next design?” and “What’s next with the shirts?”…..being pulled right back towards the clothing smh. Couldn’t be mad though, I’m a creative right and the people want more right? So I had to create more and once again supply the demand. Next design was a little more personal and artistic because of my customizing side. Since I airbrush and hand paint I deal with a lot of different tools. I wanted that to come through in my next design, then I came up with the “Sneaker Artisan” design with the Artisan definition on the back “a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand”.

Because of how personal and detailed the design is, I made the choice to do a one-time release making it extremely limited and exclusive. Being that I also still had orders coming in for the classic design, soo much to the point I had to discontinue the classic logo so that I didn’t play it out or run it into the ground. Now that all of that was over, I could get back to the customs and writing. Back to creating content for myself and others; blogging, covering events and writing pieces for magazines right? *buzzer sounds* Wrong again, guess who was contacted for his brand to be featured in a fashion show? *raises hand* If you guessed me, you’re absolutely correct. But wait? I paint shoes and write about kicks, what do I know about clothes and fashion? How did you even find me? Are you sure you have the right person? All thoughts running through my head in the midst of my initial conversation with the fashion show coordinator. Someone had been seeing my designs around town and spoke of me to the coordinator, another flattering moment. Again, I’m all about kicks and the culture that goes with it. I was focusing on my next sneaker event and my latest custom orders NOT clothes. But I accepted the offer and the challenge. I’ve never had to design for a fashion show, gone to a fashion show or even watched a fashion show for that matter. But, I do have a fashion background. So I’m familiar with textures, materials, cuts and stitch work. After creating a new design altogether and making variations to the classic design I started sketching thoughts and ideas on blank paper. I had a few hiccups throughout the process, but I was pleased with the finished results.

The fashion show just took place on August 25th 2018 in Sacramento, CA…..allowing for me to network with other creatives, models, photographers. All while showcasing my brand and creating more brand awareness. So I guess I’ve set out to do what I wanted with the logo/brand which was get it out there in a way people would receive it. #MissionAccomplished!! But I missed writing, I missed the research and the late hours that go along with it. Not to mention I felt like I left y’all hanging with no word or updates whatsoever. Let’s not forget, before the book, the brand and the clothing it ALL started right here on this blog. I haven’t forgotten about that or you guys, hopefully you haven’t forgotten about me either……..even if you have, I’m here to refresh your memory and stay consistent from here on out. As always cop heavy, keep em fresh and the soles icy. #Salute

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