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Make Sneaker Culture Great Again

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

What's going on with my Kickz and Sneakerz family? Happy Black Heritage month and welcome to the year 2021, where nothing has changed but the date. COVID is still here, people still acting ignorant and governments' agenda is still going strong.....what a time to be alive. This is my first blog in a while. I have been acting like a designer or whatever, and hopefully I am not too rusty. Outside of the nonsense I hope you all are healthy and enjoying your life the best you can. What have you copped lately? Wait, have you copped lately? Seems to be just about impossible to score a hot release these days huh? I have been hearing a lot of complaints about that exact issue; raffles you never win, SNKRS app snaking you out of the win. Also getting questions like: How can I cop? Where can I cop? It use to be easier, what happened? Why can't I cop? So I figured I would give some insight into the reasons behind why you and others are finding it harder to secure the kicks you want.....No need to thank me!!

In one of my previous blogs from last year (COVID kicks) I spoke on stores & boutiques not being easily accessible due to COVID 19 restrictions (stricter in different regions). This forced everyone to rely more heavily on technology (internet & apps) to buy shoes. That alone crowded the market and lessened your chances, as there is now at least twice as many people on those platforms looking to secure the same kicks as you. That is NOT the biggest thing to factor in though.....there is something I'm sure you seriously haven't taken into account or you're having trouble accepting: THE SNEAKER GAME IS A BUSINESS!! Read that again if you need to, I'll wait...

Now that you have had time to let that sink in, let's get deeper into the "Sneaker Game".

Hype - Hype is what drives the popularity of a shoe and in direct result, the price of said shoe (in most cases, there's a few bricks here and there).

Back door - (settle down) this is what happens when some shoe stores & boutiques do, to not only guarantee sales but to also profit off of the reseller market. Sell outside of the store or out the "back door" for more money.

Bots - web robots are programmable software applications that run automated tasks over the internet. Used to secure hyped shoes on sites and apps faster than humanly possible.

Discord groups - Membership groups that provide release info, early links, sites monitors, atc links (add to cart) and other viable info to help in gaining a leg up and securing the kicks.

I gave you those terms/definitions so that you can keep up as I break it down. So "back dooring" has always been a thing, just was done on a much smaller scale. Before online raffles and bots, store managers were selling off stock before and on release date at their disclosure. COVID just made it easier to do now. Sneaker game is money driven, even store/boutique owners have been caught selling portions of shipments to GOAT and StockX. Alright, so this is how the business starts with HYPE. Unofficial images start to surface, followed by your favorite athlete/celebrity/influencer being spotted in or gifted a pair. In return this drives up the hype, now the whole sneaker community is awaiting the release. By the time the shoe releases hype is at an all time high, which translates into big $$$. People will pay high numbers to acquire said shoe, either because as a collector they struck out or they feel it is a must have; or they want to be like their favorite celebrity/athlete/influencer.

I spoke on discord groups and the information they provide, that alone can give you an added advantage at acquiring kicks. But, take that info and pair it with a bot and you've just increased your chances tenfold. Now do not get it twisted, the bots and maintenance can get expensive and you still have to pay for kicks if you score. Plus you need special info, captcha code generator, proxies and more because you have to program it. After all that though, you can expect to score more. Beware though, there are bigger and badder bots being wielded by professional cookers (term for those who use bots regularly) and you are STILL not guaranteed to score!!! I actually had a firsthand experience and witnessed being back doored, I won't get into it but I know it happens more than a little bit unfortunately. As you can see people are going to great lengths to secure shoes and capitalize on the hype, making a profit. Compared to a regular individual like you trying to cop kicks because you like them...ha, you NEVER stood a chance. Not when there is money to be made using back door methods and bots to score. THAT'S WHY YOU CANT COP!!! You're not in the know, you're not connected, you're not invested like that and're not going to cop. Discouraging isn't it? I understand, I too use to light up on release day in hopes of adding to my collection, BUT NO MORE I SAY!!! Like, they even have bots for the SNKRS app and bots for email raffles...the raffles!!!! I had a solid source confirm an individual signing up 120 times for the Off White Jordan 4s, 120 times?! I haven't entered that many raffles over the past year.


Where hype determines the market

Resellers capitalize

The average consumer is left without or must acquire @ resell prices.....or you can invest in a discord group membership, get some proxies, set up a bot and get out the stands and into the game. Just know on the cheap side base price is little over $500 initially and can be around $150 monthly to run and that's without actually buying ANY shoes. I mean, if you decide to make it happen... TAP IN!!! I am willing to invest and we can be partners, if you're already cooking... TAP IN!!! I NEED A NEW CONNECT!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing. I know these are trying times and things seem to be getting crazier. Do your best to stay positive and optimistic as possible. I pray that you all are healthy and taking the necessary measures to keep you & your loved ones safe. Wash your hands, stay safe, stay inside and remember.....WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!


IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE THE "Make Sneaker Culture Great Again" DAD HAT


As always.... cop heavy, keep em clean & the soles icy!! #Salute

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